Great to meet Danielle and Salon Roche’ in Asheville

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While visiting the Piano Emporium in Asheville on Hendersonville Rd, we noticed that there were many other businesses in the building. We saw that Salon Roche’ was listed. We have seen them on Twitter and followed them on Instagram; but now we were ready to stop by. We headed up the stairs and entered a large hair studio that was very comfortable; with beautiful decor to make it the perfect setting. I wanted to sit down and wait to get my hair cut just to enjoy the atmosphere. I met a vibrant business owner named Danielle, and I said “I want to do a story on you and show the community what you have up here.” I came back at a later date to take photos, and then we asked Danielle some questions about what she has going on at her studio. Here is what she told us:

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My name is Danielle Roche’ Hall-White and my business is Salon Roche’. We are located on 830 Hendersonville Road Suite #1 Asheville, NC 28803; and the phone number is 828-298-4503. First off, Salon Roche’ offers a breathtaking and serene atmosphere. When you walk in, peace and relaxation overtake you. Next we offer our clients professional service topped off with healthy hair and signature haircuts. I started in the beauty industry over 25 years ago. I worked at New Images Hair Fashion under the tutelage of the belated Deborah Caroll-Johnson. New Images was located in downtown Asheville in the early 90’s and moved on to J.C. And Company Hair Studio in 1992. I always knew I wanted to own my on salon as a teen. I always thought that my belated aunt Patsy Louise Edgerton would be co-owner with me. Her untimely death left me to do it on my own.

asheville hair salon roche

I wanted to open a salon that was beyond the traditional stereotype most salons have. We are a multicultural salon! We are capable of caring for most hair types. I also wanted a place where clients could come and relax while we cater to them. I opened my very first salon in 2000 (Danielle’s Upper Room Hair Studio) on Merrimon Avenue above The Toy Box. Closed in late 2002 because I got married! I moved away to Raleigh and worked between Asheville (Pierre’s Hair Studio) and Raleigh (Yours and Mine Hair Studio) Devoting two weeks (rotating schedule) here in Asheville and two in Raleigh. I did that for three and a half years until I moved back to Asheville after the unexpected and tragic death of my older sister Sherry and finding out I was miraculously expecting our first son. Thank God I never gave my clients up here because it enabled me to re-open what is now Salon Roche’.

The main people currently involved in Salon Roche’ are myself, Andrea Greenwood-Miles (Stylist), Miracle Tinch (Salon Coordinator and Shampoo Assistant), Alana Austin (Salon Assistant). Our ideal customer are women who have experienced any kind of damage to their hair! We are well known for our restorative treatments for damaged, abused and neglected hair. We mostly cater to a professional clientele. What I like most about Salon Roche’ is our beautiful clients! These women have been and are so supportive in my dream. They push me/us to be the best that we can be. If I have to point out another aspect or part of my business I like is our peaceful atmosphere. We are a Christ centered salon and so we serve from a biblical perspective. I believe our beliefs and practice of them encourages a spirit of peace and rest for all who come through our doors.

What sets us apart is that we are not like traditional salons. You will find upon visiting us for an hour or two that there is a calmness and friendliness in Salon Roche’. Clients can usually pick up on a messy environment. We pride ourselves in distancing ourselves from that stereotype. Something else that sets us apart is that we roll out the “Red Carpet for our clients everyday! We offer appointment concierge which gives our clients appointment reminders the day before, we offer beverages and lite snacks, we give them foot stools and pillows while they are under the hair dryers. We really spoil them and love on them while they are with us. The best part about it is that it’s genuine, because we care and want them to feel it every time they visit Salon Roche’. Plans to expand to a full service day spa are in the works! Hopefully within the next five years.

Many contributed to the success of Salon Roche’ but I would like to thank Sandy Gilbeuax (My local Dudley product distributor), because I’ve known Sandy since I started out in the business.

You can find Danielle and the team on the Salon Roche’ Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.