Using a QR Code in Asheville NC

QR Codes are popping up all over Asheville. If you are walking through downtown, you will see them at The Twisted Crepe, Tall Gary’s and many other places around town.  The popularity started growing strong around the local area here when a company called ConnectMe QR, which offers a premium QR Code with a built in CMS, launched from the area. Since then, they are in the process of expanding Worldwide.

Here is a video taken in the Asheville area showing how QR Codes work and how much you can do with them.

ConnectMe QR Code printed on 15,000 Asheville & WNC Papers

The Iwanna has taken a great leap forward in connecting the print world with the digital. On every one of their Asheville & WNC papers, you will see this new ConnectMe QR Code for folks to scan with their iPhone or Droid smartphone.

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Check out Ask Asheville’s ConnectMe QR Code

This is one of the first shots of the new ConnectMe QR Code that AskAsheville just got! If you have a reader or scanner, try it out.

Asheville can get a free account for life if they sign up by the end of June 2011. Go to ConnectMe QR. If you are not in Asheville, please see CMQR.

Also see AskAsheville’s page on ConnectMe QR

Oh, just email us for the secret Asheville registration code 🙂

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