Apples, Pumpkins and Corn Mazes in Hendersonville NC

hendersonville nc pumpkins

Hendersonville North Carolina has so many great things to offer when it comes to activities, the great outdoors and family fun. We took a ride out to Grandad’s Apple Farm with friends and family for the gorgeous views and their big corn maze. 

hendersonville nc corn maze

First we started by grabbing a wheelbarrow and picking out some pumpkins for our carving experiment coming soon. We spent some time in the open area, witnessing all of the kids, families, couples and friends taking photos on wagons with a beautiful mountainous backdrop. Next we all jumped into the corn maze for a scavenger hunt. They have a sheet you can fill out when you find the four locations. Each location has a hole punch with a different design, so cheaters beware. Everyone in the group from toddlers to teens to adults had a great time.

hendersonville nc apple farm

When we finally made it out of the corn maze, we did our own little photo shoot in the field, ate a few apples, bought our pumpkins, and headed out to the front of the building to take some more photos. Smiles all around. Such a wonderful time. We will definitely be back!!