A 5-Course Dinner in Asheville I Will Not Soon Forget

We were driving around Asheville recently, looking for a place to eat. We were in the middle of meetings, and our next one was on the east side. So we stopped by Post 70, aka FILO, to have a small plate dinner. And it was amazing! They have so much plates to choose from. Here are the ones we enjoyed:

Asheville Flatbread at Post 70

This Flatbread was some of the best we have ever had. So artisan and delicious!

Greek Meatballs in Asheville at Post 70

These Greek Meatballs were very yummy! I wanted to make a meatball sub with them using the flatbread.

Asheville Wings at Post 70

Talk about wing cuisine, Post 70 definitely has it! We have never had wings prepared this way.

Asheville Lobster at Post 70

The lighting was a little off on the side of the table when we took this photo, but this lobster plate was definitely on! I could eat this dish every single day.

Asheville Lamb Chops at Post 70

These Lamb Chops were out of this world! What a great main course part of our dinner. Deliciousness everywhere we looked in this place. Thank you Post 70.