A Visit to Brevard North Carolina

Oskar Blues Brewery in Brevard North Carolina

The Brevard NC community is one of the great areas not too far away from Asheville and Hendersonville. This town has been cool and funky for years, and now accelerated with the Oskar Blues Brewery recently moving to the area. This Town also features Brevard College, a great educational institution in Western North Carolina.

Local Color shop in Brevard North Carolina

The biggest and best find in Brevard NC during this trip was the Local Color store in the middle of downtown. This place was so full of art, life and happiness. Wind chimes were everywhere and the place was music to our ears. We even found some local featured Asheville artists represented in this shop!

Rockys Grill Soda Shop in Brevard North Carolina

We stopped by Rocky’s Grill and Soda Fountain in downtown Brevard for a quick bite and it was delish. For dessert… a sundae of course! We loved this spot. We got to eat, talk and watch a bunch of people & kids eating food and ice cream, and having a great time. The General Store (DD Bullwinkel) attached to this place is amazing. A little bit of EVERYTHING!!

Marzipan chocolate at Downtown Chocolates in Brevard NC

And a trip is not a trip without some chocolate in the mix, so we stopped by Downtown Chocolates in Brevard, hidden in this little cute alley way. We picked up a variety of deliciousness. Above is a photo of the Marzipan.

We stopped by OP Taylor’s as well and found a map we had been looking for. We love the town of Brevard North Carolina! Add this place to your vacation and staycation list and visit soon.