Tommy Harrison, teen murdered in Asheville NC

This is a post from a guest writer who I met on Facebook:

Tommy was about 9 or 10 when I met him. He made it very clear that he had what it took to lead. He was a cool kid. The other kids liked him and often wanted his approval. He just had a charisma to him. He would crack jokes sometimes in such a witty fashion, even when he was in trouble, I would often have to laugh. He perceived the world differently than the other kids his age, and when I had to pull him aside, had the ability to talk his way out of it. He hated to sit still and was always the first to ask if we could go outside early. He had a big heart, and was the kind of kid who would help the smaller kids when they were trying to learn something, and always volunteered to read their books to them since they couldn’t yet. He loved his family, as they were very close, and I admired his mother for how involved she was in their lives. Tommy had a deep reverence for his mother and it showed when she came to pick him up. He knew she worked hard to provide for him, and he appreciated her for it. I know because I would often ask the kids what they were grateful for, and he would always answer his mother. I identified with him in many ways, so it was hard for him to not be a favorite of mine. This is a tragic loss for his loved ones, and to anyone who ever took the time to get to know him. I hadn’t seen him in almost a decade but I always wanted to catch up with him when I came back to Asheville. Sadly, no one will ever hear his laugh again, and his daughter will grow up always asking why. I can only hope his family will find peace in the end.”

via: Mr. WIll from Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club