Hendersonville Hotel – Mountain Inn and Suites

Hendersonville NC Hotels - Mountain Inn and Suites

When traveling in Western North Carolina, we usually get a hotel in Hendersonville. We live and work in Asheville every day, so when we go on mini-vacations, or “staycations” – we like to visit the smaller communities that surround us. The Hendersonville and Flat Rock area are on the top of our list.

Jacuzzi at Hendersonville Hotel - Mountain Inn

When we were looking for a hotel in Hendersonville recently, we decided on Mountain Inn & Suites, which is less than a 10 minute drive to the downtown HVL, and only 25 minutes away from downtown AVL. When we arrived, Tiffany checked us in and we went to our suite. The first thing we saw was the Jacuzzi of course, then the desk area to set up computer shop. The big KING bed started calling me, but we had to run out to shop and eat in downtown Hendersonville. The whole experience we had here was great.

King Bed at Hendersonville Hotel - Mountain Inn & Suites

We put Mountain Inn & Suites (828-692-7772) on our list of hotels for Hendersonville North Carolina. They took care of us and we are sure they will do the same for you.