She is helping Helpmate in Asheville NC

Meet Julie Tallman of Mary Kay in Asheville NC

The other day, while running around town, I stopped by this bagel shop to grab a quick bite. I was in “so busy” mode that I tried not to make eye contact with anyone so I could get in and out of there as quickly as possible and head to my next meeting. I ordered, paid, moved to the end of the shop and started tweeting on my smartphone. I semi-looked up for a moment and saw this lady with a bunch of items, putting them in pretty baskets, with a big smile on her face. I thought “who is that, what is she doing and what is that for?” Finally, after wondering several times in-between tweets, I walked over and asked. A warm welcome greeted me with an inspiring story to follow that made my day.  “Julie” was packing a bunch of Mary Kay cosmetics and beauty supplies for the ladies at Helpmate. She explained to me that it is a project where they match however much others donated at a recent event. I love to hear stuff like this!

We later talked via email and I learned a lot more about Julie, and her involvement with Helpmate of Asheville. Please read:

My name is Julie Tallman and I am an Independent Sales Director with Mary Kay. What that means is I have a group of women and men (yes, MEN!) who have opened their own Mary Kay businesses who I train, coach and mentor as they build their businesses to be successful. For the past 9 years I worked at News 13 WLOS in Asheville – my last job there for 7 of those years was as a Marketing Specialist, which is “fancy speak” for I worked with clients to develop advertising campaigns. I started my Mary Kay business just over two years ago for some extra money and fun and it took off, eventually allowing me to quit my full-time job to pursue Mary Kay exclusively.

Mary Kay as a company is very focused on Social Responsibility and has a program called “Pink Changing Lives” as well as a charitable foundation that donates millions of dollars to two causes – cancers that affect women and domestic violence. When the company celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8th with an attempt to break the World’s Record for the number of makeovers ever performed in one day, some of the area Mary Kay Directors decided to join in on the fun and to choose a worthy cause that aligned with our companies focus and mission of helping break the cycle of domestic violence. We held an event called a Beauty Bash with Benefits at the Biltmore Park Hilton where more than 80 women attended and received complimentary makeovers. We chose Helpmate as our non-profit to assist with fund and awareness raising:

For over 30 years, Helpmate has served as Buncombe County’s primary provider of crisis-level services designed specifically for – and offered exclusively to – victims of domestic violence and their children. Consultants donated 20% of their proceeds from the sale of their products the night of the March 8th event to Helpmate. Attendees were encouraged to purchase hand creams and “beauty break” gifts for the women at Helpmate as well, and when they did their consultant matched their donation with an equal product donation – the idea was to give women a token of our love and care and to allow those women going through so much to have something a little bit special. Between those two efforts, we were able to donate $410 in Cash and More than $800 in Product to Helpmate from our efforts the night of March 8th. When we arrived at the shelter we met with Ann Flynn, Acting Executive Director and Development Director at Helpmate. Several of the residents were in the shelter at the time of delivery and we were able to give them gifts at that time. The rest we handed over to the staff of the shelter to distribute as they saw fit. We are honored and humbled to work with Helpmate, who serve as a constant resource to women and children in situations of domestic violence through their shelter, their hotline and their counseling services. If any of your readers should like to also assist Helpmate or another favorite charity benefiting women or children we are offering a fun and easy way to give back.
The Mary Kay® Global Makeover Day launched this year’s Mary Kay® Global Makeover Contest. Participants in the United States have the chance to win one of 50 $5,000 grants to a charity of their choice that supports women and children and one $5,000 international vacation to the destination of their choice. To enter, participants must receive a personalized makeover from their Independent Beauty Consultant and submit their “before and after” picture with an entry form at between March 8 and May 10, 2013. Learn More About Mary Kay…
Irresistible products. Positive community impact. Rewarding opportunity. For 50 years, Mary Kay has offered it all. With 2.5 million Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants and $3 billion in global annual wholesale sales, Mary Kay is a top beauty brand and direct seller in more than 35 markets around the world.
Thank you Julie for taking a moment to share the great things you are doing in the Asheville and WNC community!