Asheville Initiates “Hug A Monster Day” – Sign The Petition!

Recognize Hug A Monster Day as a Federal Holiday


We are Petitioning to Recognize “Hug A Monster Day” as a Federal Holiday!!

What is a Monster anyway? It is an imaginary creature that is typically large, ugly, and frightening; so we are talking about fiction here people! Fictional character that we all know and have grown to somewhat love. Now “Hugging Freddy Krueger” may not seem like your ideal event, but it will be so much fun!! I was thinking of hugging Chewbacca actually. In the past, we have accepted and prompted Monsters on Halloween, Mardi Gras and many other occasions. This is our chance to set a day apart for us and them to be at complete peace! As you can see in the flyer above, there were many famous people that recognized the “Monsters” of their time. Here is what this Asheville based group is petitioning…

“Monsters are people too. We monsters at the blog are hardworking, tax-paying Americans. But the work of many monsters goes generally unnoticed by the general public. We request dedicating every July 27 to showing appreciation to the monsters in our lives. Hug A Monster Day has a rich history as a non-federal holiday. It is time to give the day, and the monsters it represents, the recognition deserved. American monsters enjoy all the other holidays. But Americans need more holidays, and we believe the best reason to create one would be to recognize the macabre in our lives. On “Hug A Monster Day” people celebrate by hugging their monsters or monster effigies, such as a stuffed Wolfman or a plastic Frankenstein. Please consider making every July 27, Hug A Monster Day.”

Help make this happen by clicking and signing this “Hug A Monster Day” Petition!