Asheville Home Building, Construction and Remodeling on the Rise

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It wasn’t but a few years ago, about around 2008, when the real estate market in the Asheville North Carolina area, and all across the country pretty much dropped off of the face of the earth. Home builders were stuck with “Spec Homes” that they could not sell, Real Estate agents had all sellers and no buyers, Banks stopped lending and everyone was broke. Some lost a little, some a lot, some lost everything. It gave us a quick lesson on how to live light, maybe downsize, and hold on tightly to the most important parts of our lives and business. Our priorities became more defined.

Today, the Asheville Home Building, Construction, Remodeling and Real Estate industry is telling a different story, a new story; but this one surely promises a happy ending. Tourism and travel in the area at the moment is growing by leaps and bounds; hotels popping up left and right, pushing commercial real estate development to the next level. Soon the structures that were built out horizontally, will be revisited and rebuilt vertically. When it comes to houses, a caravan of folks are moving to the area from all over the country, making residential real estate once again a hot commodity. Brace yourselves, we are now in the middle of a seller’s market.

We recently talked to Pat and Donna of Keller Williams in Asheville and their team is searching daily for folks that want to sell their homes. Did you hear me? They have buyers and need more houses! If homes cannot be found and the major developers do not build fast enough; the next phase is where buyers turn to land, and build. Rick Ledford of Energy Tech, a home builder that moved to the WNC area from Raleigh during the decline, now has clients lining up for his contracting and consultation services. Jason Muhlenkamp Carpentry had only a couple of home remodeling projects at the end of 2013, and five months later he has hired a big team and has plenty of projects all around Hendersonville, Asheville and Edneyville.

The home building and real estate market in the Asheville area is definitely on the rise. The mountains, quality of life, the beer, the diversity, the people… so many reasons. So who is moving here next? Maybe you.