Finding Asheville Beer on Twitter

Asheville Beer Tweet 1

Asheville Beer is something that is mentioned on Twitter every day. The majority of tweets are about how great the brews are and how much of a selection is available. With 20+ breweries in the area, it is definitely something to talk about. On Twitter today, a tweet came by and asked for Asheville Beer recommendations for a visit next weekend. @AshevilleLife responded on Twitter with three great new brew choices in the area.. Wicked Weed Brewing, Hi-Wire Brewing and Burial Beer. The person responded back with “thanks!” and all three of the Breweries responded back as well. You can see this great social media interaction about Asheville Beer in the images posted here. Also see the “Brew Me” page on AskAsheville!

Wicked Weed, Hi-Wire, Burial Beer Brewing Asheville NC