Support Local Asheville business lunch April 15th

Join RelyLocal Asheville Friday April 15th between Noon & 1:30pm at Asheville’s Mellow Mushroom! Come get your ‘shroom on and support a great local business that supports the Asheville Community.

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Parking is free for the 1st hour and only 50 cents/hr at the Civic Center deck 1 block away.

We are proud to announce that G Social Media & Ask Asheville are now co-sponsors of the Support Local Business Lunch at Mellow Mushroom. Join us next Friday for lunch! Stop by anytime between Noon and 1:30pm and join us, or just say hi and get some carryout if you are in a hurry! Please print this new flyer and share it if you have an employee board or public bulletin board.

Asheville Video Marketing via YouTube

Here is a clip from a new post on G Social Media that mentions some great information about Ask Asheville on YouTube. Please read:

YouTube has been a great outlet for one of my portfolio projects AskAsheville. We currently have over 600 subscribers, over 100,00 channel views, and over 500,000 actual video views. The mission of Ask Asheville was to video and highlight life, business and events in the AVL community. This has been well accomplished.

You can ready the full article titled YouTube – Social Media Marketing with Video

Clip from BLAINESWORLD – Asheville area newsletter

On one night, we saw PIRATE BOOTY–a burlesque show starring the Bombs Away Cabaret . . . it was a lot of fun, and all proceeds benefited the Western North Carolina AIDS Project . . . kudos to Sarah Benoit and the other performers who made the event the success that it was.

To see just part of the show, please click:

However the real highlight of the evening was the fact that I was part of the show . . . 40 Fingers & a Missing Tooth, my favorite juggling troupe (actually, the only juggling troupe I know), also appeared and when they asked for a volunteer, well you can see at the 0:55 mark what happened:

SPECIAL THANKS to Gary Charles for providing both the above clips . . . he’s a master social marketer whose background can best be described in the following blurb:

“Gary started growing business online about 15 years ago for several different companies. As time evolved, so did online marketing. Social media came on the scene and G Social Media opened up publicly and started accepting clients. His work includes branding, building, and then training companies how to use social media to distribute information, interact with others, and then transform those connections into clients. Learning how to deal with all types of people has been a great education. He uses those people skills to teach businesses to be sociable online and then improve the quality of your face to face interactions. Social media is not a new fad; it is the way media should have been expressed all along . . . through relationships and friendships.”

You can contact Blaine via Email: