Dinner at King Daddy’s in West Asheville

king daddys west asheville nc

On a rainy evening in Asheville, we ended up on the westside, and finally stopped at King Daddy’s Chicken & Waffles. This restaurant is owned by the John and Julie, the same folks that have Early Girl Eatery in downtown Asheville.

king daddys menu

The had a great menu with lots of chicken, salads, sides and desserts. And of course… the booze menu!

west asheville restaurant king daddy

After getting settled in, we took at look at the decor, atmosphere and lighting. All of the windows also gave us an outside view, part of it looking out onto the patio area.

king daddys fried chicken

I ordered the Heirloom Chicken since it was the one that took the most amount of time to prepare (30 minutes), and the most expensive option at less than $9. We added a side of bacon and also some Asian slaw.

king daddys dessert avl

And for dessert, the Fried Apple Pie was just delicious!



Who Wants Some Asheville Brewed Sake?

asheville sake and tapas While galavanting around Asheville recently, we ended up in the River Arts District, and in search of Sake. We stopped by Blue Kudzu and to our surprise, we had the opportunity to taste the first batch of Sake ever brewed! We added an array of delicious appetizers to the mix, and wow, what a drinking and dining experience. Michael, who is on staff, hosted us and helped make it a night to remember. This spot is a little off the beaten path, but well worth the 5-minute trip from downtown Asheville.

A Visit to Artisan Cafe and Lounge in Candler-Town USA

artisan cafe candler asheville

One of our favorite locally owned places to eat in the Enka-Candler area, just minutes from west Asheville, is Artisan Cafe, and it has been that way for years. Just recently a new owner took over the place and is making some great improvements. We stopped by for a quick bite today and ended up having an experience worth writing about.

artisan catering candler nc

We walked in and saw that they had a new layout, a giant lounge area on the left, and the ordering counter and kitchen in the space to the right. I immediately noticed a couch and a couple seats in the back where I wanted to sit. We ordered, took a few photos, met the happy staff and got settled in. One of the girls was a recent graduate of the AB Tech Culinary program.

artisan avl

This place is cozy! The owner is looking to get some local Musicians and bands to begin performing around early June, and they have empty walls screaming for local Artists in the area to feature their work. You can contact Artisan Cafe for more info about either of these opportunities.

Artisan Deli Breakfast Burrito

Oh, and I had the Classic Breakfast Burrito, a fave of mine for years, and it was so good! The others had a few breakfast sandwiches on bagels. We look forward to spending a lot more time at this place in good ole Candler-Town USA!

The Buffalo Nickel in West Asheville

buffalo nickel west asheville We were headed to west Asheville for a meeting. There are plenty of wonderful options when it comes to eating on this end of town. Within a 1/2 mile walking distance of each other, you are faced with choices such as The Admiral, Bandidos, Walk, Universal Joint, Nona Mia, Westville Pub, the famed Biscuit Head, Isis, the new Buffalo Nickel and several more. And Asheville Beer is Everywhere! asheville bar buffalo nickel We decided to try the Buffalo Nickel, and glad we did. They have a ground level restaurant, a loungish upstairs with a beautiful bar, tables to dine, a couch and chairs to relax on, plus a whole bonus room of pool tables and high tops on the side. asheville beer buffalo nickel Lots of great brews on tap of course. We ate the Pork Belly, some Clams, and the Wreckfish. So good!

Just like Gin and Citrus

One of the things I love most about my city is that it has preserved an era…and completely by accident.  For such a modern, progressive, and hip city, Asheville still knows how to hold onto the good ol’ days.  Asheville is a wide-open time capsule full of hair feathers, drop-waisted dresses, Fitzgerald novels, and big band music.  It’s present even when no one’s dressed in theme and the blues horns hush for the night.  That “it” quality hangs around in the delightfully musty scents and subtly ornate ceilings of old 1920s buildings.  It’s Ashevillians’ everyday stomping grounds.

48 Biltmore Avenue is no exception.  In fact, the ceiling was the first thing I noticed upon walking into Chestnut, a restaurant and lounge here in Asheville.  There’s something so romantic about the raised cream-colored tiles, that I later learned to no surprise, are the 1924 originals.  I walked over to the bar and hopped up on the stool, going straight for the cocktail menu.  The “Saint Graham” suspiciously favors the “Gin Rickey,” Nick Gatsby’s famed favorite drink.  Gin and citrus. Just the sound of it makes me take a deeper breath.

One thing about Chestnut I must point out is that it is not themed.  That’s perhaps why it’s great.  It resurrects the lost generation organically.  No fear of finding cheesy posters of This Side of Paradise, or cocktails named something like, “Hemming My Way.”  It doesn’t exist, because there’s no need for a theme.  This place is real.  It’s relaxing; it’s smooth; it’s easy going; it’s new south delicious; it’s all Asheville.

After I devoured my fried green tomatoes, that were somehow the marriage of Grandma’s from the garden and a taste that can only be described as sassy, I chatted with manager, Ken Rethmeier.  Much like the restaurant itself, Ken is laid back, inviting, and delighted to have us.  He proudly filled us in on the ceilings, and original chestnut fixtures, and I could tell the history of the venue had become part of him as well.  When great leadership, awesome service, history, and yummy food meet, the synergy of it all just sizzles.  In this case it sizzles quietly, and refreshingly just like that first cocktail I laid eyes on.  Gin and citrus everywhere.

I was entranced by the atmosphere, clearly, so I decided to look behind the curtain.  I wanted to know what the quality was.  Where did this food come from?  When I found out it was all local, farm to table, and green, I was sold.  This truly is the Asheville poster restaurant.

I asked Rethmeier, “What’s one thing you want me to know that I don’t?  What do you want to tell me about this place?”

He replied with a grin, “it’s warm and inviting.  You can come taste local craft food and cocktails…and we’re the only place that still hand chops ice.”

Hand chopped ice.  I do believe I’ve made my case.