5 Ways Yoga Can Improve Your Life

Go Yoga Asheville NC

We stopped over at GoYoga in Biltmore Park Town Square in south Asheville recently. While talking to Carrie, we asked about some of the wonderful benefits of yoga. She sent these reasons over to us. If you have any more, or if you have a story about how yoga has helped your personally; please comment about it below.

  1. Physical.  Yoga stretches and strengthens your muscles and helps you to stay balanced physically.
  2. Breath.  Yoga reminds you how important it is to breathe.   Intentionally breathing deeply and with movement, helps your body relax and restores oxygen to your muscles.
  3. Detoxing.  Yoga, especially with the heat, detoxes your body from harm chemical, germs and pollutants that end up in our system.  Flu season is looming and yoga will decrease your changes of catching the flu.
  4. Stress Relief. After a hard day at the office or a stressful morning getting the kids to school, yoga helps to relieve the stress that builds up in our daily lives.  You will also find yourself able to handle stress outside of the studio by breathing and calming yourself with the methods of yoga.
  5. Community.  At Go Yoga at Biltmore Park, our supportive commmunity promotes interaction among our students, so we deepen our circle of friends.  We, also, will reach out to the community for events, fundraisers and fun!

The Asheville Doctor Is In: Top 10 Medical Tips

doctor george ibrahim asheville

Aren’t you tired of lists? I am. But sometimes we all need one to remind us how to stay on track so that we live the 100 years available to us today! In no particular order, unless noted, are what current physicians are suggesting are the top ten medical tips that anyone can do:

1. Get a good night’s sleep! How easy is this? It’s free! Getting a good night’s sleep is probably the number one best tip you can do for yourself. A rested person is more active the next day, leading to better weight control, stress, and productivity. The results cannot be overstated.

2. Do you really need to eat that? Ask yourself this whenever you are holding that biggie fry box or 3rd donut? Really? Portion control is key. Don’t deprive yourself; you don’t need a nutritionist to tell you that 6 slices of pizza are probably more than you need!

3. Exercise. You know this! There are maybe two buildings in Buncombe County where you may need the elevator! The rest you can take the stairs. And please, taking the elevator down two flights! Walk, step, climb, do these little things daily, they add up!

4. See your healthcare provider regularly. You get your car serviced so as not to spend $$$ on repairs, right. Treat your body the same. Blood pressure, blood sugar, cancer screenings, etc. save lives. You take your pet to the vet for these things; take yourself to your physician so you are around to take care of that family.

5. Sun. Yeah, it is fun, but deadly. There is no such thing as a “healthy” tan. And we are too far north for the sun to do much for us as far as Vitamin D, you need diet and supplements for that.

asheville medical skin care

6. Stress. Do you really need to be checking work emails all day long? Are you getting paid for that? Whatever the cause, find a way to isolate what it is that stresses you, deal with it best you can, then leave it till tomorrow!

7. Smoking. Duh.

8. Drinking, in moderation.

9. Seatbelts. Always, before backing out of the driveway. I’ve been over Sunset Mountain 40 yards from home, wasn’t pretty hanging upside down, thank goodness for the belt.

10. Internal health. Make sure you are optimized from a weight, exercise, nutritional, and hormonal perspective. Your hormones play an essential role, and today we have real human enhancements. Be sure your tank is full and optimal.

You can find out more about Dr. George Ibrahim and the team on the Asheville Health Span MD Website.

Asheville Personal Training and Fitness to the next level!

asheville personal training o3 fitness

The Asheville Fitness world has many options nowadays. Everything from yoga, to kickboxing, to personal training. Then you have outdoor fitness activities such as biking, running and community sports programs. If you really want to get healthy and fit, there is no excuse not to.

Asheville Fitness by o3

The Asheville Fitness Team recently stopped by o3 Health & Fitness on Riverside Drive on the northside, and did a tremendous workout that made a difference. When we first walked in, we were greeted by several familiar faces who were there to workout. Then my friend Shannon came out of nowhere and surprised me. Karissa led the class and she would not quit. I am talking about 45 minutes to an hour of combination exercises that had the room huffing, puffing and fired up! What a great time and workout.

Do you like to workout and train? Check out the Asheville Fitness Page on Facebook, and join us sometime!