One Day One Night Trip To Charlotte NC

Dunhill Hotel Charlotte NC

We recently decided to take a trip to Charlotte North Carolina, which is about 2 hours away from Asheville NC. We had a little celebrating to do, but also had a business meeting to attend. The first thing we asked ourselves is “where are we going to stay?” We searched a bunch of hotel and lodging options, several of them we had stayed in before; but this time we decided to try something new. We noticed on one of the sites that they called the Dunhill Hotel outstanding, so we wanted to kind of prove them right. We did not go as critics, but just to have a good time and relax. And the place was stunning. A historic building in the middle of Uptown Charlotte with fitting decor and a highly professional staff. After we checked in, we took a quick nap, and then got ready for dinner.

Malabar Restaurant Charlotte NC

We had walked by the Malabar restaurant in Charlotte a few times, and each time we noticed that folks were eating, drinking and having a great time. So we made reservations at this place and headed that way. When we got there, we were seated in a corner that consisted partly of a booth with chairs on the other side. We all sat on one end as we usually do when possible. The meal was tremendous. Paella, steak, shrimp, mushrooms, flan, ice cream, and dirty Martini’s! They forgot to put Chorizo in our Paella for some reason, so they gave us a small to-go order, which we later gave to a homeless person who asked us for help. Regita, our waitress, provided exceptional service and made our time there even better.

Cowfish Charlotte NC

The next morning, we stopped by Cowfish to eat. If you have not been here, you must go! Sushi, burgers, burger-sushi and so much more. If they ever expand to Asheville, I want stock in this place. We had the lobster and crab spring rolls to start. Then I ordered a bento box that consisted of a mini-burger, sushi, edamame, thai cucumber salad, and sweet potato fries. See, I told you that you want it! We also got Mad Mango sushi roll and it was delish!

Anyway, just wanted to tell you a little about our trip and suggest a few places that you may want to try out. We are headed back again real soon and will write the sequel to this post! Thank you for reading.

AskAsheville Expanding Into Six Southeast Cities


Along with the new boutique website for the Asheville North Carolina community, comes more business; and yes expansion. We will be launching premium web presences in the Charlotte NC, Greenville SC, Atlanta GA, Gatlinburg TN, Raleigh NC, Greensboro NC; as well as other neighboring cities and towns such as Weaverville NC, Hendersonville NC, Waynesville NC, Black Mountain NC, Brevard NC, Lake Lure NC, Chimney Rock NC, and Burnsville NC. Boone NC, Charleston SC and Wilmington NC are on the radar as well. Our teams and audiences are already set up in these areas. More locations coming soon as we develop business relationships with new cities and people. If you are interested in talking to us about expanding into your community or teaming up with us, please use the contact form on our website. Thank you.