Bellydancing and Burlesque in Downtown Asheville

asheville burlesque

When it comes to Asheville Nightlife, there are many spots that we end up. And then there are a few “must go” places. Of these… Nightbell, 5 Walnut, and the Social Lounge are at the top of our list. We ended up at Asheville’s Social Lounge, which is located next to Strada Italiano, recently for a birthday party for Chef Anthony, plus a Bellydancing and Burlesque show by Lisa Zahiya on the rooftop patio.

bellydance asheville social lounge

Lots of friends showed up, excited about the night ahead!

asheville social party

While Dustin is celebrating, Carly stops by to say hello. Love her! Katelyn and Maria came by and joined the festivities, and what a great time we had.

asheville nightlife lounge

The Birthday Boy was excited, and the Lisa even broke out the pink hair! In the lower photo, Tommy from Pomodoros and Justin from the Twisted Crepe are enjoying the night.


The entertainment was wonderful. 3 great performances throughout the evening and lots of friends all around! Shoutout to DJ Matt who did the spinning for the evening. More from him real soon!

happy birthday anthony

Then the Birthday Cake arrived, with a surprise photo of Chef Anthony from the 1800s.

asheville lounge party

After the performances and cake, lots of folks got to hang out and catch up on the latest happening in the community. Lisa and the ladies brought the house down! Kevin of Divine Wine & Beer in East Asheville stopped by for this great event!

lisa zahiya asheville wig

The pink hair was off and Lisa pays her respects to all that it has done for us. Stay tuned for the next event coming to Asheville’s Social Lounge in the near future. And get out there and satisfy your Asheville Nightlife craving!!

FTW Burlesque Asheville Takeover!

toy boat asheville

I was looking for a place to escape the other night, just for a moment to have a beer by myself, tweet a little, and plan some business. I ended up at the Toy Boat Community Art Space in Biltmore Village and in the middle of the FTW Burlesque Troop, Asheville’s newest rave on the scene; and I got more than what I bargained for. I stepped into the place and the doorman told me $15! I was like “what is going on here” while I scanned the room. The decor was right, the atmosphere was smooth, and people where smiling not smirking. I paid the money and walked to the bar. I have been to many burlesque shows in the community, some way overplayed, but this was new, so I stayed for a few, and glad I did.

ftw asheville burlesque

I was greeted first by this lady in the black cloak and she let me take a photo of her. She looked like she had special powers, and plus, she had a glass of wine in her hand; combined with that light blue hair, I was hypnotized for a second.

asheville ftw burlesque 2013

But there were plenty of great performances ready to happen, like “Deb au Nare” in the middle photo here… she did a skit that was fast-paced and wow! Tristin (on left) and Memphis (on right) were also a part of the amazing entertainment!

ftw burlesque asheville nc

After the show, instead of hiding in a back room, the FTW Burlesque Troop mingled in the crowd, took photos and had a great time with the audience and new fans that were there to show their support of this endeavor.

ftw burlesque asheville askasheville

I went out, not planning on a “Booty Call” but still ended up with one. Hell, make that two. Thank you!