Asheville Business News May 2012

Lots of great businesses, large and small, in Asheville North Carolina. Here are a few recent highlights:

Derek at Asheville Diesel & Performance is a full service mechanic in the Woodfin area that works on all makes and models. We have been using this establishment for about a year now and both the preventive and repair work is great. Before heading out of town on a road trip; I usually stop by there for a quick 10 minute check up. An awesome running vehicle and peace of mind is what I get in return.

The Western North Carolina AIDS Project is dedicated to providing HIV related services to the people of WNC through client support, preventive education and outreach activities. Part of their yearly fundraising is an event called “Dining Out for Life” where over 100 Asheville area restaurants give 20% of all proceeds for one day. Pictured above is Peggy from WNCAP and Peggy from Rise N Shine Cafe.

In the market for a new vehicle? Robert Smith from Anderson Nissan is giving great deals and incentives to everyone, but even more to his cyber friends in the social media world. He also supports many local businesses in the Asheville community! You can find Rob Smith on his YouTube Channel, Blog, or on Twitter @RobTheCarGuy.

Asheville Musician Ben Hovey jams on the Trumpet and Keyboard, and at the same time! He is a music technologist and has done wonders for the musical atmosphere of many places in the area including The Marketplace Restaurant, the 151 Boutique Bar & Kitchen, the Grove Park Inn, & 5 Walnut Wine Bar. Also pictured above with Ben is another local music legend Kat Williams.

Bombs Away Cabaret and The Magnetic Field teamed up for a great show and fundraiser for Brother Wolf Animal Rescue recently. The skit was named “High Skirts: Illicitly Yours” and we had such a good time of entertainment and fun. Barbie Angell even did some awesome poetry for us! Thanks to these local businesses for getting involved with the non-profits in the community.

Curio Toy Store in downtown Asheville has lots of creative, wonderful items for children. The are located about 30 feet down from the “Iron” on Wall Street and Battery Park. Right in-between Frock Women’s Boutique and LaZoom Tours.

And… in Beer Business News… The 21st Amendment Brewery which is based in San Francisco California has announced plans to open up a brewery in Asheville North Carolina! MORE BEER FOR US!!! Their 1st tweet about it was “21st Amendment Brewery announces plans to build new production brewing facility in Asheville, NC.” and the next tweet said “I’m sorry that last tweet was suppose to say, the 21A plans to serve watermelon wheat today in their outdoor beer garden. autocorrectfail” so either they announced it prematurely on Twitter or they are teasing us!! Lol

Update: 5/7/12 Tony Kiss from the Asheville Citizen Times just tweeted “21st Ammendment Brewing in San Fran denies that is coming to Asheville after tweeting that they were. #avlbeer #ncbeer”

And talk about teasing… DO NOT MISS ABSFest, the Asheville Burlesque Festival coming May 25-27, 2012. Best entertainment festival of the year!! Pictured above is the Vaudevillian Revue Troupe!

The Asheville Business News Blog post is by Gary.. G Social Media

Asheville’s @FunkyVilleUSA does a “Funky Biz of the Week” shout-out and promotion on Twitter. The businesses chosen for the month of April 2012 were:

1) Tall Garys: @TallGarys is a fun and Funky lil cantina located in the heart of Asheville.. theres fun, food and great entertainment for all.. always some type of drink special going on.. Tall Garys is doing their part to promote and discover new Asheville local musical talent.. get discovered at Tall garys.. 4 College St. #FunkyBizOfTheWeek. 2) Tomato Jam Cafe: @TomatoJamCafe is located near the hospitals in Asheville.. if you havent discovered this little gem of a cafe you need to get busy and find it.. 379 Biltmore… You’ll enjoy getting to know the owners of this cute little place.. Its always nice to be on a first name basis with folks who provide a healthy and delicious lunch or breakfast for you..tell them FunkyVilleUSA highly recommends them for healthy and local food choices..Enjoy!! #FunkyBizOfTheWeek. 3) If you’ve lived in Asheville very long you probably have heard of Hop Ice Cream @HopIceCream .. if you havent you need to get there soon….They are always busy creating new and exciting flavors for their HomeMade Icecreams and desserts.. who’s ever heard of an icecream store with live entertainment???  of course we have one in Asheville…!!  Hop Ice Cream.. 640 Merrimon #FunkyBizOfTheWeek. 4) We are 8 hours away from that famous fishing hole the Atlantic Ocean and yet Blue Water Seafood @BlueH2oSeafood seems to come thru everyday with fresh and exciting new seafood dishes… Asheville’s own lil seafood joint with dishes that are big on flavor.. visit them today .. We know youll enjoy the funtimes and great food… 94 Charlotte St #FunkyBizOfTheWeek

Tonight in Asheville: The Accidental Circus – Burlesque, Juggling & more!

The Accidental Circus East Coast Tour!w/ special guests… Bombs Away Cabaret! Wednesday, January 18, 8:00 p.m. $8 presale tickets, $10 at the door. The Accidental Circus On East Coast Tour in January, 2012.
—How do you celebrate your engagement and 10th anniversary in one year? If you’re fire eating jester Paolo Garbanzo and torch-singing belly dancer Onça O’Leary, you jump in your vardo with eight international vaudeville stars armed with spankin’ new acts of fame and fortune and bring the party to every town you meet.
—Join The Accidental Circus for an evening of Darwinism in Action & Luscious Cabaret. Collaboratorssince 2002, they are once again on the warpath to hilarity, touring in January of 2012. As ever, this show promises danger and humor, beauty and song, and weird social commentary ~ all in the first act.
—Starring: Paolo Garbanzo – Jester of England’s Muncaster Castle, Mab Just Mab, DC’s Own Sideshow Girl. The Mezmer Society, Asheville, NC. Sidetracked Theatre, Philadelphia, PA. Darbuka Dave, Huntsville, AL. Who: Ringleader & Juggler extraordinaire Paolo Garbanzo, fresh from filming for his new reality TV series “World Wide Show-off”, is the first & only American to be an official Jester of a European castle. Touring Europe and the US year-round he presents original comedic material in three languages. Historical, hysterical, & interactive, Paulo leads the AC as Benevolent Dictator for Life. Mab Just Mab, DC’s Sideshow Girl, combines artistry and human endurance. A glasswalker, escape artist, and world record holding blockhead, she is the tenured freak at DC’s notorioussideshow venue & museum, The Palace of Wonders. Mab has been featured in several documentaries and books on the sideshow revival, and is a pillar of the Cheeky Monkey Sideshow. The Mezmer Society demonstrates to the general public that, after a 60 year hiatus, it is once more permissible to dance to an accordion. Hard-riding highwaymen of mayhem, they missionize the Mezmer gospel  throughout the States. Bellydance, torchsongs, & sinister accordionism are blended at high speed into a tall, cool, glass of delicious & intoxicating performance. Sidetracked’s two-woman bowls the crowd over with high-integrity, rapid-fire, two-person comedic storytelling. They’re rejuvenate the classic Vaudeville genre… with badass sensibility. Darbuka Dave is the Juggernaut of Comedy, a genetic freak, & a brilliant percussionist whotravels the country, teaching & performing to thrilled & nauseated audiences of every caliber.
Bring your loved ones to dazzle them. Bring your enemies because, well, anything is possible when 5 knives are in the air… Accidental Circus.
—Get tickets on Eventbrite.