Asheville Wins Beer City USA 2011 – 3rd year in a row

Living in a City built on beer and great people is a thrill. Craft beer, aka Boutique Beer is something a lot more enjoyable than the typical commercialized brews that are normally available to the mainstream. Asheville and Western North Carolina has created a beer based subculture that is pretty hard to match for the size of City that we are. On top of that, technology comes in the play because many are beer drinking bloggers and tweeters that stand together when it comes to defending our town or title. Here is a quick video that G Social Media took this afternoon at Barley’s to celebrate the Beer City USA win.

Vote for Asheville as BeerCity USA 2011

Asheville has won Beer City USA for the past 2 years in a row and we definitely want to keep this title in 2011. When you put the number of breweries together with the number of people in our City; we have clearly tipped the scales. This town is microbrewery HEAVEN! Boutique Beer Utopia if you may. You wanna drink great brew? WE GOT YOU!

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