A Delicious Dinner at Luella’s Barbecue in North Asheville

Luella’s is definitely one of our favorite go-to places if we are in the mood for barbecue. We stopped in tonight and as we were getting seated, I heard Aaron LaFalce playing the guitar, and you can watch the performance by clicking here. So we sat down and were greeted by Aniela, who then took care of us the whole time. Also bumped into my friend Suzie who is now working there. A great night all around!

Asheville Craft Beer at Luella's BBQ

First, we ordered some craft beer. This was the Soulvation IPA from Innovation Brewing!

Dinner at Luella's Barbecue in north Asheville

Then we had chopped brisket, pulled pork, and pulled chicken, along with some fantastic sides such as mac & cheese, okra, and a pineapple casserole that we called our dessert.

Waitress at Luella's BBQ in Asheville

And Aniela then introduced us to their loyalty card where you eat 9 meals and get one free. We did not know Luella’s did this, but now we know, and will definitely use it. Thank you for a wonderful meal, staff and experience!

Hungry Man Takes a Bite Out of Asheville!

Hungry Man’s Guide has been making trips to Asheville a lot lately. Maria had the privilege of catching up with him the other day to talk about Savannah, Asheville, business, and food of course. Then he got hungry, the meeting abruptly ended, and he ran off to eat. Here are some of his recent adventures:

Limones Asheville

Perfect Horseradish Crusted Sea Bass at Limones.

City Bakery Asheville

Nutella Fritter… Breakfast of Champions at City Bakery.

Catawba Brewing Asheville

Brown Bear Ale at Catawba Brewing.

Buxton Hall Barbecue Asheville

Pulled Pork, Baked Beans, and Chicken Big at Buxton Hall.

Check out the Hungry Man’s Guide Website!

Korean Barbecue in Downtown Asheville

Korean Barbecue in Asheville

When I first heard of Korean Barbecue, I was on a six city tour of China. Coming from Asheville, also known as Barbecue City USA; I simply thought that Korean Barbecue was barbecue pork with some type of Asian bbq sauce on the side. Boy was I wrong. I went to this place, and they had booth seating where they made you take your shoes off, but we sat in the “Americanized” section with normal seating, keeping our shoes on. They started a grill at/on our table, we added a bunch of meat and vegetables, and we ate the night away. What a fun foodie time!

Asheville’s version was not that different, and a great experience as well; eliminating the need to travel to the other end of the world for this. We stopped by the Korean House in downtown Asheville, waited about 20 minutes for a seat, and then had a delicious meal worth blogging about. Their meats come from local farms in our community which made me enjoy the food even more. Their interior decor could use a lot of help, but they are a fairly new place so hoping they get around to that by Spring.

You can follow the Asheville Foodie Community on Facebook for more great restaurant updates in the area. Also check out the Asheville Restaurants Page on AskAsheville. Thank you!

Oink Oink Farm To Table at Buxton Hall Barbecue in Asheville

Buxton Hall Barbecue Asheville NC

It doesn’t take much to find a good place to eat in Asheville; but when it comes to a great place, sometimes you just have to stumble upon it. We were jumping around town the other day from meeting to meeting, when Nathan from Heartland Payment Systems asked us to meet with him and Ed at Buxton Hall Barbecue on the south slope of downtown Asheville. And we are so glad we did. This spot is a must-eat when it comes to a farm-to-table BBQ meal. We got the chance to take a walk around the restaurant, see a little behind the scenes action on the lower level, visit the Tiki bar and lounge upstairs, and sit down on the main level to eat some deliciousness! We also met a bunch of the staff and they were all wonderful. Chef Elliot Moss has a great thing going on here. Keep it up!!!

South Asheville Foodies and 12 Bones BBQ

12 Bones Asheville Barbecue BBQ

We have our “easy finds” when it comes to eating on the southside of town. Places like Pomodoros Italian, Acropolis Pizza, and Tupelo Honey are smack dab in your face. We love them. But lately we have been frequenting the “off the beaten path” foodie scene in south Asheville! Sweeten Creek, the shortcut road used to avoid the dreaded traffic on Hendersonville Rd, has led us to Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack, Pon’s Thai Cuisine, and of course… the famed 12 Bones Smokehouse. Sometimes you will even catch a few food trucks here and there on this strip. Of course we wish Frank’s NY Deli would have stuck it out in their old simple location. Their sub sandwiches were amazing back then!

12 bones bbq asheville

Anyway, we were hungry the other day. We had been running from meeting to meeting from south Asheville to Hendersonville and forget to eat. Luckily 12 Bones was in our path and they saved us from starvation. Not only with food, but delicious comfort food! I quickly ran to the counter and ordered a barbecue pork platter with cornbread, mac and cheese, and corn pudding. Sounds pretty corny? Well it was, and oh so good. We then jumped back in the Nissan and headed out to the next meeting. Lots accomplished during the time we were out hitting the road. 12 Bones was a pit stop that made the day that much better. Thank you!