Asheville Goes Topless – the right to bare or bear breasts & GoTopless

Breasts play a big role in our society. For many, it is a symbol of sexuality and intimacy. For others, it is a symbol of strength for the woman and/or mother. For others, they do not mean anything. Today was the GoTopless rally in downtown Asheville North Carolina.

For the most part, there were more cameras, video cameras and spectators… than there were breasts; but it brought the community together for a common cause lol. Turns out it is legal for ladies in Asheville to go topless in public so this sets a new precedent. Signs at businesses that read “Shirts and Shoes Required” now takes on a whole new meaning in AVL haha.

Anyway, check out the video. Some of you may love it, some of you may hate it, and some of you just don’t care. Good for you! We didn’t even know it was happening. We were passing by the scene, saw what was going on, and pulled out the video camera to document this freak show.

Some of you have adhered to the rule of “I will show you, if you show me” when you were kids. So let equal rights rule! If that’s what you want.

*Also see the Asheville Slut Walk video we took a few months ago at the same location. This is the rallying point for Asheville.

Keep Asheville Weird? Well this is definitely a part of it.