Asheville Restaurants in Biltmore Park Town Square

If you have not been up to Biltmore Park Town Square in South Asheville, you are missing a great world of shopping, eating, movies and more. They did a great job building a town out of pretty much nothing. We head up there weekly or at least every two weeks for one thing or another. We have even considered moving there, right in the heart of town. Having many great food options in one spot is more of a luxury instead of a competition. There is a little (or a lot) of something for everyone to eat!

P.F. Changs is located immediately upon entering into Biltmore Park Town Square. We definitely love the Asian food they offer.

131 Main is located to the right of the Biltmore Regal Grande movie theater. We have not eaten here yet, but we have heard great things about this place.

Brioso Fresh Pasta is one of our faves. We have actually eaten there 3 times in the past 7 days. The Ravioli alone is definitely worth the trip. Prices are so very reasonable for the quality of food they offer. Nice looking craft beer and wine bar too!

Travinia is also a nice spot to eat in the area. Our friends have raved about this place many times.

Brixx Pizza is a great spot for pizza and beer, and several other items to eat. We have been there about 5 times.

Hickory Tavern is another nice  spot in the area to eat a great variety of foods and hang out. They also have a big bar. We have been there about 7 times.

Mosiac Cafe is a breakfast and lunch spot in Biltmore Park Town Square. As far as I know, they have the lockdown on breakfast in the whole area. Great food!

Neo Burrito is also in the area, offering Burritos and more. I guess this is the “latin twist” in the community.

And don’t forget the Luscious Roux located in the Hilton Asheville Hotel! The only restaurant that does not “stand alone” and they have delicious food offerings for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Stop by and check these places out! Foodies are sure to find several places they will love.


***Blog post by Gary – G Social Media

A visit to Early Girl Eatery in downtown Asheville

Early Girl Eatery in downtown Asheville is nothing new to us. I remember years ago when several of us had offices on Wall Street and this new restaurant opened up. Souper Sandwich was the place to be (it has since closed) and then suddenly this new place called Early Girl Eatery took over the spot where Possum Trot Grill used to be.

Of course all of us had our favorites at Early Girl since day one. I remember one of the staff loved the biscuits and gravy, another was all about the traditional breakfast, and another always got the latest and greatest creative dish that they had to offer.

A great breakfast was born in downtown Asheville NC. Julie and John planted a seed in the community that has yet to be duplicated and that could never be replaced. Today that landmark stands strong, and has since their opening in October 2001. We were one of the 1st to try them out and have been back repeatedly ever since.

Plenty of breakfast spots have opened since then in the downtown area, but as far as homegrown, Asheville grown… we look to Early Girl Eatery at 8 Wall Street. The fresh, organic yum simply does not end. This was the beginning of us appreciating great food, where it came from, and how it is delivered & cooked.

When you walk into the eatery, you are greeted by a hostess stand with a chalk board behind that shows all of the super fresh local ingredients they incorporate in their recipes and from what farm or company they come from. You are escorted down a corridor to a dining hall walled with windows that face College Street and Pritchard Park in downtown Asheville. The seating is a cozy environment with some tables closer to each other than others; so it is not uncommon to have a short chat with the “guests next door” at the table nearby.

The staff. Well they are extremely Ashevilly; from your average hipster to hippie, or a mix of both, that you will find in the downtown dynamic. They are focused on work, but always willing to talk for a few if they are not packed out, as it usually is.

The breakfast and lunch: It is simply delicious and a favorite of many who live in the Asheville area as well as tourists, which says a whole lot. (Inside joke. Many locals know what I mean) So if you are looking for a great meal in downtown Asheville, Early Girl Eatery is the place to be and sure to please.

If you have eaten at Early Girl Eatery in downtown Asheville, leave a comment below and share your experience with all of us. Thank you.

Twisted Crepe serves Thanksgiving to the needy in Asheville

For Thanksgiving lunch, we decided that we were going to go hunting for Chicken and Dumplings since we were having Turkey later that evening. Atlanta Bread Company had some Chicken Dumpling Soup that we feel in love with while at a meeting the other day, but they were closed. So we called the Moose Cafe, found out they were open till 4pm and headed that way. Not only was the line out into the parking lot, but they were only serving 2 meal choices, no dumplings.

So we headed through West Asheville in search of something to eat. Nothing lol. We then shot to downtown AVL on the food hunt. As we passed by the Twisted Crepe, I noticed they were packed. I quickly made a U Turn and grabbed a parking spot. I went in ready to eat, greeted by a couple of people, and then wondered what was going on here. Dustin, the owner, called out to me to say hello and tell me that they were serving Thanksgiving dinner to the needy in the community. I sat down in the foodie bar area, ordered some delish crepes and watched them hard at work, making an imprint in the community and offering a glimpse of hope to some who are considered hopeless.

Watching this team work together in sequence, inspired me. So many people are not only hungry in the Asheville community; but are hungry for people and positive relations. A move like this planted love and food in folks who may not have had a chance to have Thanksgiving otherwise. Thank you Twisted Crepe.

A fabulous dinner in Asheville NC

We stopped by the 151 Boutique Bar & Kitchen in Asheville recently for a taste of their new menu offerings.  It was a fabulous meal to say the least.

The 151 Boutique Bar is located inside of Asheville’s Hotel Indigo, and it has always been open to the public. As a matter of fact, you can drive around the circle in front of the hotel, and get a parking deck pass card from the front desk to park in the lower garage. Just tell them you are here to eat or drink at 151.

Of course, I like to have dinner here, listen to Ben Hovey play some live music, have a few cocktails and spend the night in luxury in their beautiful rooms. But, sometimes I have to go home, which is about 5 minutes away.

The classy contemporary atmosphere, gorgeous bar and incredible food puts them in the Top 10 places to eat in downtown AVL. I have put the captions below each on of the photos.

At the beginning of the meal, we were presented with a salad that included local spring greens, garlic toasted walnuts, gorgonzola, citrus vinaigrette, and an English cucumber wrap.

The next course was a crabcake. And this one was so good! A far cry from the over-breaded crabless ones we have grown to get used to. A local company called Blue Water Seafood supplied the crabcakes to 151.

Next we had a sorbet teaser, to clean the palate. Made in house and Yum!

Then came the main course: Delicious pasta and sausage, both made in house at the 151 Boutique Bar. The Italian in me got excited!

A delicious Espresso Bean Martini was our dessert cocktail. Thank you!!!

We completed the meal with some tasty Mango Creme Brulee. And yes, it was the perfect ending. Wine from their great wine list paired each one of the dishes above.

If you live in the Asheville area, or if you are planning on visiting; make sure you stop by the 151 Boutique Bar and Kitchen.

South Asheville – Fiore’s Restaurant offers Grab N’ Go & a Bakery

Several of my top dining experiences had to do with Fiore’s Ristorante Toscana at their downtown Asheville location. Recently, Fiore’s Italian opened up a south location at 2310 Hendersonville Rd and I was amazed at what they are doing there. They already have a nice corner in the Asheville Foodie world with their great menu items. Now, they have a mini specialty deli and dessert area. Lots of baked goods made in-house. The bar is roomy, they have a private party area in the back that seats up to 50, and the staff is ready to serve. See the website for Fiores South Asheville.