Check out Ask Asheville’s ConnectMe QR Code

This is one of the first shots of the new ConnectMe QR Code that AskAsheville just got! If you have a reader or scanner, try it out.

Asheville can get a free account for life if they sign up by the end of June 2011. Go to ConnectMe QR. If you are not in Asheville, please see CMQR.

Also see AskAsheville’s page on ConnectMe QR

Oh, just email us for the secret Asheville registration code 🙂

Also see the blog post by G Social Media called “Why I love my ConnectMe QR Code”

Asheville: QR Code City USA – thanks to ConnectMe QR

Asheville has been on the technology map for quite awhile now. And it is not just the technical side either. The creativity aspect of our City is a big draw for many.

QR Codes are the missing part of the technology world that we have been missing. A quick scan of a qr code can take you into a whole new world of information and opportunity.

ConnectMe QR is an Asheville based company that has taken QR Codes to a whole new level.  With over 10,000 downloads already in the beta test phase, the platform is gaining a great momentum.

For the month of June, ConnectMe QR will be available to folks in the Asheville area free for life. Giving locally and getting local support is a big part of what the Founders are all about. Worldwide next!

Click Here: Set Up an Account on ConnectMe QR

Also see the blog post by G Social Media called “Why I love my ConnectMe QR Code”