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When you say you have been around the block or two with mechanics, I could definitely relate. Having reliable transportation is always a concern in the back of my head. I know, I could ride a bicycle and save the world, but a Maserati sounds more like it.

Have you ever been ripped off by a mechanic? I know my son paid some “Moses” mechanic in Fairview to remove an engine and check it out to repair. Come to find out that the engine was never touched. What about my mom? She was having trouble with her Jeep and took it to a mechanic in Woodfin and he told he she needed an engine and he would do it for $3000. She got upset and drove over to the Exxon Station on Merrimon and her problem was diagnosed, solved and less than $200. It is still running strong today.

As far as I am concerned, I want a company backed by people I can trust. I have been going to 2 mechanics in the Asheville area and they have never let me down. Jimmy Sexton, owner of Jimmy’s Automotive has been in the community for 25 years and has kept a great quality shop all along. I have taken about 5 different types of vehicles there and was always given professional service, estimates and repair. Their customer base is huge and satisfied. I recommend Jimmy’s all the way!

The other Asheville mechanic that I use is Derek Hall of Asheville Diesel and Performance in Woodfin NC, a little north of Beaver Lake. They take care of my full monthly vehicle maintenance. Many of my good friends go here for all of their auto repair needs.

Then we have North Asheville Exxon which my mom loves unconditionally. and Allen’s BP which is her backup. Comment and tell us who you recommend or don’t, and why.

The Asheville Auto Mechanic of choice

I have been in the Asheville area for about 18 years now and have worked with a dozen or so mechanics in the area. Most recently a family member took their car out to a place run by “Moses” in Fairview NC to get an engine removed, checked and repaired. He told them that the engine was no good and charged about $600. So they sold the vehicle to a another mechanic and he called my family to tell them that the engine had never been removed or checked. On another occasion, a family member of mine took their Jeep to a mechanic in the Asheville area and he called back saying we needed a new engine for $3000. We took it for a second opinion and the engine was fine; it simply needed a tune-up etc which ending up costing a mere $170. It kind of reminded me of the big city mechanics that would take an alternator out, clean it up, spray it with chrome paint and charge the customer for “a new alternator” or nothing really. What a rip off! What is worse than a messed up vehicle? A bad mechanic to compliment it!

My prayers for a great mechanic were recently answered when I met Derek Hall of Asheville Diesel and Automotive in North Asheville. Every little detail about my vehicle is completely up to par and he is so transparent when it comes to issues, costs and potential problems. I like knowing the proper fix that is needed, and the cheap alternative if there is one lol. The work he does on my vehicle is guaranteed and it lasts. I love stopping by there before a road trip and having Derek do a quick inspection on my SUV to make sure it is safe and ready for the haul.

If you are looking for a mechanic in the Asheville area that you could entrust your vehicles life to; I suggest you check them out. You can also see videos of Asheville Diesel & Performance on YouTube.