Asheville Mayor for Congress – newsletter sent out today

In case you haven’t heard yet: I’m in. I’m officially running for United States Congress!

I decided to run because I believe now is the time for bold new leaders to take over and clean up the mess in Washington. The philosophy that I’ve governed with as Mayor of Asheville is the same I will take with me to Congress: grow, when it’s time to grow; cut, when it’s time cut; and lead when it’s time to lead.

North Carolina is ready to see change in Washington, but we won’t be able to do that if we keep sending Republicans like Patrick McHenry back to Congress. If we don’t act, we’ll never see different results.

Take a moment to watch our introduction video and learn more about our campaign for Congress:

As Mayor of Asheville, I know that I had to get results to be a good leader. That’s why I worked across party lines in the past to have a balanced budget in our city that ensured our taxes stayed low and our services weren’t too slim. It took working together with people of different backgrounds, ethnicities, and yes, political parties to get it done –something that our elected leaders in Washington are unwilling to even try.

It’s time for a change and that has to start right here in North Carolina and right here in the tenth district.

I’m ready to take my experience and my leadership in problem-solving to Washington, but in order to win I’m going to need your help. Our plan is to grow a people-powered campaign that is built by friends like you, not the special interests and certainly not those wealthiest one percent that’ll be funding McHenry.

I’m going to need your help in order to build the kind of campaign we’ll need to win the primary and the election in November. Click here to take a moment and watch our introduction video now!

With your help, I am confident we can turn the tide and elect a strong new leader to serve us in Congress.

Thank you for everything,

– Terry

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Elect Terry Bellamy to Congress