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Asheville Marketing has many forms and options that every serious business should consider. What is marketing anyway? There is a lot of confusion in this area, because there are many kinds, and each serve a specific focus. We are going to give you a checklist below that will help your company. Businesses are getting bombarded from all angles with a possible “new” marketing plan. You do not need someone experimenting with your company. For your business to grow, you need someone who really knows what they are doing. Who do you choose? Which direction do you go in? Who can you trust to do it correctly for your business?

Asheville Marketing and marketers, and not just in the Asheville area, have several age ranges which could sometimes limit the marketing campaign implemented for your business. Just because it worked for past generations does not necessarily mean that it will today or have the effect that it did back then, whether 6 months ago or 60 years ago. For a Social Media consultant to tell a business that print is dead, is incorrect information. For a Billboard company to tell a company that Twitter and Facebook does not work is false. For a Web Developer to tell a client that they do not need Web Design is untrue. Finding a focus on some key areas of marketing is important, but you do not want to get stuck there. There is a balance and other opportunities that you need to pay attention to.

Asheville Marketing Checklist

1. Logo & Branding – What is the image that represents your company? This is not where you get a little cute puppy photo and add some initials to it. This is a process that is supposed to take time and thought. You should sit down with a designer, communicate what you think you want, and then let them use their creativity. Once they present a couple of concepts to consider; compare them against your competition, share with 20 trusted business connects and let them review and vote. Your Asheville Marketing plan needs a firm image that will properly represent you every step of the way.

2. Website Design – The time for using a simple template website for your business is past. Adding your logo to the site and calling it design is robbery. Your Asheville Marketing strategy needs to have a clear and strong brand. Serious creativity must be implemented if your company wishes to stand out and above. Your may think that your website looks good, but it depends what you are comparing it to. Strategic design is part of the cream that rises your website to the top.

3. Website Development – Finding the right company to develop your website in a true Asheville Marketing plan is not as easy as it seems. Many developers are so concerned about closing a deal and making money that little thought gets put into the big picture.. the design, content, SEO and social media integration. Get 3 solid references, see at least 3 of their projects online live, research the standard. There are companies that will charge you very little for a website, but that is exactly what you get.. very little. Your web development is the structure and foundation of your website, and your online company.

4. Mobile Web – Mobile must be a part of your Asheville Marketing plan. As locals want more information curated and as tourists visit the community; your mobile presence is extremely important. Having your website mobile friendly is the first step. The next step is a mobile site where you have a landing offering the key, or sometimes all sections of your website. Mobile Apps are an option as well, but definitely need strategic planning for them to be individually successful for your business.

5. Content Building – Asheville Marketing companies that focus on premium content building are a big piece of the plan. Getting a blog written that the search engines actually pay attention to, takes work. Producing (not just taking and making) videos takes creativity. Content is Queen; Great content is King. This should be left to professionals, or your marketing staff if they are accurately trained by a reputable team.

6. SEO – Search Engine Optimization should be a part of every online Asheville Marketing strategy. There are several things you can do to your website to make sure the search engines can read your site, and that they list the site where it belongs. Then making advancements monthly by proper submissions, applicable backlinks, blogging, videos, podcasts and social media points the SEO juice to you, improving your search engine optimization.

7. Social Media & NetworkingSocial media marketing and networking in the Asheville area is growing constantly. From online relationship building to face-to-face events, people are connecting and social media is happening. This is the “word of mouth” of today. Your business must be represented online and offline.

8. Campaign Distribution – This is an area of Asheville Marketing that many Graphic Designers, Web Designers & Developers, Writers, Photographers, Videographers, and many other content builders have trouble with. Creating the content is a job in itself. Getting it out there so people can actually see, read, listen to and watch it is a whole different talent. You can have the most beautiful website in the world, or you may have just written a blog post that can change humanity for the better; but if it is not properly distributed, it will go unseen. Building and distribution are two different things. They both must be covered.

9. Strategy – Working month-to-month without a true marketing plan will lead your Asheville business toward failure. You may not be overly concerned, but your competitors and customers definitely are. Making positive landmarks online for your company takes serious planning and then hard work. If you care in the least about your business, you will take the time to work on a strategy that accomplishes a goal in itself, has lasting effect and has potential for growth. Complete and implement!!

10. Team – Having a great Asheville Marketing Team to work with inside and outside of your company is vital. You want to make sure you have a foundation in-house, but that you are also building strategic relationships and partnerships in the business community, online and offline. If you need a specialist, hire them. Do not let a “know it all” office or marketing manager hold your potential down by doing it all themselves. Teach them to be part of a team and to get help where needed. Some web & marketing companies will blind companies to better options so they do not “lose” them. They both end up dying together. Open your eyes and get serious about your team. Hold them accountable, make sure project management is in place, deadlines are happily met, and move forward stronger than ever before!

Of course when working with a marketing team in Ashevlle, or anywhere for that matter, always view their portfolio of the work they have successfully accomplished. Then go online and view their website and past projects live. References and recommendations are important as well. And always hold the person who gave the reference partially responsible for who they sent you to. False references have weakened and diluted the trust of true referrals. Skip the competitor gossip and check out their LinkedIn profile recommendations. See if they have testimonials on their website. Spend time with them online, and offline if possible; and get to know who they really are. You need real people with a proven track record, where your business can actually move forward to a return on investment.

You can get in touch with AskAsheville for Asheville Marketing options.

Article written by G Social Media – who is a relationship building company based out of Asheville NC. The team focuses on online marketing which includes complete brand identities, websites, social networking and media, SEO, mobile and other key items to build, enhance and grow your business.