Asheville home builders getting back on track

The home building and construction industry has suffered greatly in the past few years. Asheville, which was growing by leaps and bounds, was put on hold. Many people were trying to see their homes elsewhere to move to AVL, but nobody was buying.

This new year brings lots of hope to the industry. I was recently talking to Math Insurance on Merrimon Avenue and they said that they have written more builders policies this year already, than they had written all together for 2010.

Amanda Ballew of More Space Place in Asheville said that the custom closet and murphy bed business is picking up, but some clients have been very hesitant in choosing “extras” for their home.

Here is a video of Al Lorenzo from Al’s Contractors who was originally from New York City. He moved to Asheville several years ago and started his construction business. After a few of his projects fell apart due to the larger contractors not paying; he struggled for 2 years to keep his home and some business going. He says that he is hanging in there and always looking for that next project.