5 Places to Eat on a Budget in Asheville North Carolina

budget eating asheville

Eating on a budget is not something your usually hear in the Asheville area. With all of the amazing culinary options that exist, are birthing, and coming to our City; some of us will soon need to visit the bank and apply for a “Foodie Loan” just to experience it all each and every day. The deliciousness is like non-stop! But everyone is not willing, and many cannot pay $20, $50, $100 or $200 for a meal; even on a special occasion. And depending on the time of the day it is, and what you are doing; it may not make sense to eat expensive. Many “locals” who live and work in the area have expressed that they cannot afford to eat out in their own community. So these places came through, and now you can.

Here are a few places in the Asheville area that will not break the bank, but should and will satisfy your appetite!

1. Eats & Treats Cafe: this spot has incredible food for the price! I can go here and get a big, fresh, homemade breakfast for about $6. Lunch and Dinner are just a tad higher. In addition to this, they always have cake and other treats made by the owner herself; plus an Ice Cream station, just in time for the hot weather! You can eat inside, or hang out in the Gazebo or tables outside. Free Wifi too. They are located between Asheville & Weaverville in Woodfin NC.

2. Frank’s Roman Pizza: when it comes to great pizza is the Asheville area, Frank’s, who has been around for 35+ Years, somehow always takes the lead. And it is not just pizza. We are talking subs, salads, calzones and many Italian dishes that will make a native New Yorker feel at home, and a native North Carolinian feel as if they are in pizza heaven. Their prices are so right for the delicious food they serve. My favorite calzone in Asheville easy; possibly even better than Lenny’s in Brooklyn. $7 per person has been our average price when eating here with family and friends. They have locations in Asheville on Tunnel Rd right across from Walgreens, another location in West Asheville / Enka on Sardis Rd, and a third partner location in Woodfin NC.

3. Dragon China: this spot in West Asheville keeps the food delivery services busy all night long sometimes. Fresh, yummy, hot Chinese food.. cooked to order, along with great prices. It will be hard to find quality Asian food in the area that compares to this family run business.

4. Woody’s Hoagies: this place has the Cheesesteak right out of Philly! Great appetizers, hoagies, beer and pizza too. With their delish food and great pricing, this spot has become one of the best budget eating spots in AVL. They just recently started staying open until 2 in the morning on Friday and Saturday, which gives all of us a wonderful late-night food option!

5. Eddie’s Dog House: if you are looking for authentic hot dogs from Nathan’s, great burgers, 18 hour smoked beef brisket, french fries and onion rings… this is the spot for you! They even have a traveling food camper and can set up just about anywhere. Hot Dog!

Do you have any suggestions for eating on a budget in Asheville & WNC? Where can we eat on a budget in Weaverville, Hendersonville, Waynesville, Black Mountain and all of the other towns across Western North Carolina? Please comment below and let us know..

An Amazing Wine Dinner in Asheville!

What do you get when you put Domaine Serene Wines together with the glorious cuisine at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Asheville NC? An amazing wine dinner, so many moments of culinary satisfaction, the pleasure of friends, meeting new people, and great memories added to our lives. WOW! What an evening!!!

It all started when I walked in the doors to Ruth’s Chris in Biltmore Village. I told the hostess that I was here for the wine dinner and she escorted me to the back room. Tony, the manager, handed me a glass of wine as I entered and I proceeded to find a seat. A few moments later, my friend Mackensy walked in, so we decided to go seat hunting together. We got settled and met the folks to our right and left. Great people all around.

After a quick welcome from the Ruth’s Chris Asheville GM Gabe Fore; Special Guest Michelle Farkas of Domaine Serene was introduced, and the courses of wine and food decorated the table in front of us. The conversations quickly changed from common to Ohhh, Ahhh and Ummm. I definitely loved what I tasted and heard.

The Hors D’Oeuvres: Venison Wellington, Goat cheese-stuffed grapes with pistachio crust, Hamachi and Yellow Fin “Dueling” Tuna. Wine: Domaine Serene Rose, NV. Next was the Bisque: Roasted apple, butternut squash. Wine: 2010 Domaine Serene Coeur Blanc.

Main Courses Included: Macadamia-Crusted Mahi-Mahi with Lo mein noodle, togarashi & pineapple beurre blanc, complemented by 2008 Domaine Serene Evenstad Reserve Pinot Noir. Smoked Duck Breast with Veal demi, beet cous cous, with a 2009 Domaine Serene “Jerusalem Hill” Pinot Noir. USDA Prime NY Strip with Root Beer & peppercorn reduction, creamy mushroom polenta, coupled with 2009 Domaine Serene Grand Cheval.

Just when we though every taste-bud imaginable had been reached, a Chocolate Creme Brulee with Peppermint bark appeared on the table. The aroma from the Smoky Mountain Coffee Roasters was in a cup to my right calling me.

An Amazing Wine Dinner such as this one at Ruth’s Chris in Asheville NC is usually $75 – $100, and worth every cent. Tremendous! Thank you.

Asheville Foodie News July 2012

And sometimes the YUM seems like it will never end!! Welcome to the July 2012 edition of the Asheville Foodie News. We are going to share some experiences, many of them delicious, that we have had in the past 30 days or so. Get ready to get hungry for some incredible food. Many of these restaurants offer something unique… whether food, staff, atmosphere, drinks, desserts, or a combination of them all.

Meet Lorena of Strada Italiano in downtown Asheville, which is a top choice for authentic Italian food in the heart of our City. In this photo, you will see her having a great time communicating with clients and the local community on Twitter. She actually booked a table for 5 one night while tweeting. They asked for a table, she asked how many and what time, and it was done! Great to see some of our Asheville grown restaurants getting serious about social media and taking it to a new level!

Also read their most recent blog post “Asheville Wine at Strada Italiano

Meet Clingman Cafe in the River Arts District. This wonderful eatery has been a part of the community for many years! The are a little off the beaten path, about 3 minutes from downtown Asheville, but have still proved extremely successful and their food offerings have never let us down. Definitely stop by here for some great breakfast and lunch.

Artisan Catering in North Asheville is another great stop for breakfast and lunch. They became well known years ago when their restaurant was in that little difficult parking lot on Merrimon Ave. They have since evolved to the new space in the line of shops next to the North Asheville Library. Great spot!

And don’t forget the Hop Ice Cream Shop on Merrimon Avenue in North Asheville! So many delicious, creative flavors in one spot. And not to mention that they are one of the top businesses in the area that use social media. Contact @HopIceCream on Twitter and see for yourself.

Stop by The Junction in the River Arts District for a great dinner from a couple that loves food, community and each other! Also see the recent blog post “A Delicious Time at The Junction in Asheville

We had some Shrimp Scampi at Vinnie’s Italian in North Asheville recently. So Delish!!! Thank you. If you are on the Northside of town, check this place out.

OH MY!! The Peaches & Cream pancakes at Over Easy Cafe in downtown Asheville were simply amazing. I never thought I would finish a whole order of pancakes again, until I came in touch with this dish. I will be back so soon!!!

The Steak dinner that Red Stag Grill in Biltmore Village / South Asheville had to offer was AH-MAZING. I stopped by there for a business meeting, got hungry suddenly, ordered a steak and it was all yum from there. Awesome meal and experience. The great server/bartender was named Amber.

During a business networking event we had at Restaurant Solace in downtown Asheville, I ordered the Bacon Wrapped Shrimp and it was so good! I also drank a nice glass of the Craggie Brewing Quad they had on tap.

We stopped by Chef Mo’s in South Asheville and had a great Stuffed Chicken dinner.

When we passed by for dinner at Rezaz in Biltmore Village, we ordered the Paella and it was delicious! Great wine offering as well.

Beef and a bunch of sides, plus Sake! If you have not been to Stone Bowl Korean in South Asheville, you need to stop by and check this place out. They have become one of our favorite Asian food spots in the WNC area.

The Birdhouse Cafe has a wonderful selection of baked goods, and they also have a great breakfast and lunch! They are located right across the street from Asheville High School.

Stopped by Neo Cantina for a business meeting and had some yummy Pork Tacos along with a Hornitos Margarita!

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And the Winners of the “Worst Experience of the Month” go to Chorizo and Copper River Grill. Now both of these places have great food, we have had good experiences at both establishments, and we have bragged and tweeted good things about them many times. But… While we were at Chorizo for brunch, a lady was stomping around taking photos of the place and took photos of my table while I was eating in the process which made me wonder. I saw other patrons whispering about the photography approach without any explanation. I told our server that they did not have permission to use any photos taken of me and she responded that it had to do with the design and colors of the place. I thought “well do it when the place is empty then.” We had an awesome meal. Then when my party was about the leave, we opened the door and were in the process of walking out of the restaurant, this same staff member tried to squeeze through the single doorway at the same time as the person in front of me. The person in my party stopped in her tracks. Then the lady proceeded to push past her and push me against the other door. I walked out and asked the hostess the lady’s name and she responded “Lisa.” She asked me what happened and I told her that “Lisa” had ran us over on our way out. I walked across the street to get into my car and bumped into an old friend and his fiance. We talked for a minute and here “Lisa” comes galloping across the street, in front of all of the seated guests outside, shouting at me that I had bumped into her. I told her that we were the guests, we had a great meal and we were leaving, and she should have been courteous enough to hold the door for us instead of running us over. She threw her hands up in the air, said “Whatever!” and stomped back across the street. I quickly called the owner and he dealt with the situation immediately. As far as Copper River Grill, we walked in and interrupted a guy leaning over the hostess stand talking to the hostess. The lady working the stand asked him to hold on a minute while she sat us. During the next 40 minutes, I watched people come in and get impersonally rushed to the table. While people were leaving, the hostess indirectly shouted “have a good night” and jumped back to her conversation. The floor staff and kitchen were hard at work while all of this was going on, and our meal was good nonetheless. Both of the issues at these 2 restaurants have to do with service and staff, not the food.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to read the Asheville Foodie News July 2012. This town is so YUMMY!!! Please take a moment to comment below on any of these places and/or your foodie experiences in the area.