Asheville New Year’s Eve story 2011

We started out New Years Eve at a friends house in East Asheville area. We had an executive transportation service (wish it was Diamond Executive) come by and bring us to the downtown area for a fun night out on the town.

Our first stop was Sazerac for some cocktails. Great time with so many friends coming from all directions. We spent some time on rooftop bar area and enjoyed the awesome weather. Then 11:50 pm came around and many of us headed down to the main level to watch the Ball drop on TV.  In the photo is Michael, Gary & Isabel.


The next stop was not so inviting. I ended up having my worst experience in years at Packs Tavern, and did not even get to go in. Our whole private party was happily hopping down the road to join the party at Packs Tavern. When we got to the door, the whole group walked inside the place without event. When it came time for me and AsianAsheville to walk in, the doorman Kevin said “You two, $10.” I immediately responded with “What?, my whole party just walked in with no charge.” He responded “I just changed it, go talk to a manager if you have a problem.” When I approached the manager, he treated me like crap and pretty much told me too bad. We ended up separating from our party and headed to another spot.

We ended up at Athena’s and the party was h0pping strong. A nice mix of all types of people celebrating the Asheville New Year. We grabbed a cocktail, headed to the couch in the dance floor area, and started dancing. Athena and Peter did a great job keeping the place and vibe perfect. The DJ got the music beating and a nice crowd took over the dance floor.  A great end to the evening. Photo is of AsianAsheville and two ladies who were sharing the couch with us for a few.

After we were done there, our driver picked us up and took us back. Thank you for the safe ride!

So here we are in 2012. We want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!