Asheville Discount Warehouse Outlet + Shoes!!!

Everyone has looked for a good or great deal at one time or another in their lives. Well here is a place in the North Asheville / Woodfin community that is meeting the discount, overstock demand.  Specialz Outlet opened up where the hardware store used to be in the same shopping center as Thai Citrus, or if you have been here for several years, you may remember the old roller skating rink in Woodfin. That is the building where they are located now.

We actually stopped by there last Christmas to grab some last minute decorations and we got plenty for about $20. Of course the ladies headed to the shoe section, and we were over in the electronics area. Specialz now has a big focus on brand name designer shoes and boots lately and their Ebay and Amazon sales are picking up tremendously. The benefit we have is that they are located in the Asheville area.. just a hop, skip and a jump away, so first dibs can be a reality for you.

In the market to find some great discounts? Check out Specialz Outlet in North Asheville. They have truckloads of merchandise coming in regularly.