Meet 5 People in Asheville That Will Change Your Life


There are many people in the Asheville area that are making great strides to help folks in so many areas of life, health and wellness. I think immediately about my friend, Lindsay Fields, who is consumed with Yoga, Life and Kindness. She has been such a great influence to me over the years! A beautiful person all around that I believe everyone is this world should know and learn from. Then there are others, like Shane.. who counseled our teenager, my beloved son; and helped turn his mentality, life and actions around for the better and forever. Today, my son reaches out and helps others in a positive light. The meetings and therapy were years ago, and the program actually lost its funding; but not before he planted a seed that would grow so good. We cannot find him to say thanks again, but our family still praises and credits the work that he did today.

More? There is George & Jackie (counted as one person in this post) from The Optical Shoppe, who helped our family SEE. Yes, they are a local, family owned eyeglass and contact lenses shop in west Asheville on Patton Ave near the Post Office. Their products, customer service , and prices are so hard to beat. My friends and family have been to a dozen vision shops in the area, but were processed like a fast food hamburger. Not here! Jackie and George both took the time to make sure we got exactly what we needed, and that we could actually see much better, if not perfect. Thank you!

It was not until a recent event and party in Charlotte NC, and hanging out with a few Multi-Millionaire and Celebrity friends that I realized how bad my teeth were, and how good their teeth looked. Even my photographer told one of our clients.. “WOW, your teeth are amazing!” And this was not a simple teeth-whitening. Every tooth was in perfect order, shining, white as snow, and screaming inferiority at all of us. It was then that I decided to visit Asheville Dentist, Dr. Stuart Yoon, DDS and see what he could do for me. I told him I needed dental work to fit in with my budget, and my rich friends haha. To work they went, with their awesome dental hygienist Brooklyn walking me through each and every step, and I am almost there. Now the whole family, and several of my business partners have dental work happening and planned there. The Hygienist even got me to start flossing my teeth on a regular basis. First time ever! Perfection is so close now. Bravo!!

How many times has your neck, back and body pain limited you from living more; from more activities, family time, and even sexual activity? Plenty! At least that is what “she” said lol. We know a Doctor, who is a Chiropractor in the Asheville area, and who has done wonders for many folks across Western North Carolina. Dr. Henry Battistoni is a genius when it comes to Chiropractic work. One talk and session with him, and the doors of flexibility should quickly begin to open wide in your life. Have you ever been cramped? Oh, we have have, and so many times. Call him the Un-Cramper, the Un-Kinker or whatever you wish; but calling him is a must if you are seeking body work to relieve your pain and discomfort.

These are just a few of the great folks in town who have helped and assisted us tremendously. Are there others in the Asheville area health and wellness community that have helped you, your friends, and family? Please comment below and let us know about them. Thank you!

New Video: Asheville Doctor Gets Crunk

Meet Dr. Roeder, an Orthodontist based in Asheville NC, who had his team to do this great Harlem Shake video recently. If you have been around this group at all.. you know what great folks they are, what a incredible job they do, and how much fun they have.  Glad to see them stepping out and getting Crunk for 2013.

Asheville Dentist featured in Med Express Gloves video

YouTube is becoming more and more popular when it comes to marketing and sharing your videos with others. Having a comprehensive social media presence online where videos are a part of your representation is just about an essential.

Med Express Gloves is based out of Arden NC and had this humorous video made to shed some light on having the proper glove protection in the dental and medical industry. The video was taken at Dr. Roeder‘s office in the South Asheville area. Video by Asheville Video Productions and orchestrated by Lush Life Today.