A Bold Rock Hard Cider Party in Mills River NC

Bold Rock Hard Cider Mills River NC Near Asheville

As you already know, Cider is on the rise here in Western North Carolina. And not only here, but all across the United States. Bold Rock Hard Cider has been on the scene for several years and has recently opened up a new distribution facility and taproom in Mills River NC, about 20 minutes from Downtown Asheville. We headed out there to see what was going and growing on since this area is kinda centralized between Hendersonville, Brevard and Asheville; three of our key target markets.

They have a fine looking taproom designed by an Architect friend of ours, lots of hard cider on tap, and a wonderful staff always on deck! My favorite ciders are the Pear, which you can also find around town at local grocery stores; and also their new IPA Cider that I am too selfish to share once I get my hands on some. They have bottles, cases and growlers available, as well as a bunch of Bold Rock bling you can purchase.

Bold Rock Hard Cider recently hosted “Industry Night” where they invited a bunch of local folks including Brewers from the local beer and cider scene. Plus, Wally Capps was there catering his famed barbecue. Plus A Social Function was the band playing and boy can they play! Musical guests Jeff Sipe, and also Nicky Sanders of The Steep Canyon Rangers joined in. A great time for everyone! Stop by their place sometime soon and check it out. And don’t drink all of my IPA Cider. Please.

Thank you!

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The Asheville, Hendersonville & WNC Hard Cider Takeover

Asheville and Hendersonville Cider

Hard Cider is taking Western North Carolina over by storm. Beer City USA has cider on their mind. Whether you are in Asheville or Hendersonville, Cider Taprooms are opening up on just about every end of town. As a matter of fact, according to INC Magazine, cider is one of the 5 fastest growing industries in the US. That is huge! The 3rd Annual North Carolina Cider Fest was recently hosted in Asheville as well.

Black Mountain Ciderworks was on the forefront of this cidery revolution. Then Urban Orchard opened up on Asheville’s Sweet Slope on the westside of town. Now Noble Cider has just opened up on Leicester Highway in west Asheville and already hosting a Noble New Year’s Eve Party. In addition to that, Bold Rock has just expanded their operations to the Mills River area of Henderson County, and Flat Rock Cider Works is opening up a craft cider lounge in downtown Hendersonville NC. The Cider City USA title is not too far away for us! Stay tuned to the new AskAsheville Cider Page that is set to launch soon, featuring everything from cider makers to taprooms to tours.

Asheville Cider at Urban Orchard on Haywood Rd

Urban Orchard Cider Company Asheville

We had not really gotten on the cider wagon. Living in Asheville nowadays, you gravitate to craft beer for the most part. And rightly so. After Beer City USA happened, the craft drinking scene in our community was embedded in our hearts and souls, which led to our mouths and down our throats. Along with that, comes their cousin cider! After reading a recent article about the Top 25 Restaurants in Asheville, and seeing how Urban Orchard Cider Company made this list; we had to go again. Not only that, but when the Asheville Foodie page on Facebook tagged the restaurants on Facebook congratulating them, they were one of the few who responded. Social media counts, so that’s a few more clout points to them in our book!

The cider was delicious, perfect for the Sunday brunch meal that we had which was an Artichoke Dip plate and a Reuben Sandwich. Everything was so good. We sat in the open window seats and enjoyed the fresh air. If you have not been to Urban Orchard Cider Company, they are located on Haywood Rd East in west Asheville on what some call Asheville’s Sweet Slope. Other eateries in walking distance of this spot are The Hop Ice Creamery, Short Street Cakes, HOLE Doughnuts, and the new Taco Billy.

Also, remember that the NC Cider Fest 2015 is coming up on November 7, 2015 in Asheville. That event is going to be tremendous!!