The Asheville Chocolate Tour Guide

Asheville Chocolate Gems

Chocolate is becoming one of the great things Asheville is known for. Along with the foodie and restaurant scene exploding in the area; snacks, desserts and chocolates come right along with it.

We did some research online, and did you know that there is a “Chocolate Academy” you can attend? There is not one in Asheville yet, but hopefully one day. And did you know that there is a chef named Jacques Torres in NYC who is also known as Mr. Chocolate? I need to meet this man!

Asheville Chocolate Fetish

So much of life revolves around chocolate when you think about it. We have chocolate bars, chocolate truffles, hot chocolate, chocolate covered strawberries, chocolate ice cream, chocolate icing, chocolate beer, chocolate coffee, chocolate cake, chocolate pie, chocolate cookies, chocolate breads, chocolate chips, chocolate brownies, chocolate martinis and much more! We recently purchased a fondue pot and cannot wait to pick up some local chocolate to melt and enjoy.

Asheville Chocolate Lab

When you come to Asheville, we want you to be welcomed by chocolate and then surrounded by it. You know you do too. So we put this list together so you can visit all of these incredible places in the Asheville area. As a matter of fact, we recommend a chocolate tour if you may, where you go to each stop and come to your own conclusion, choosing your favorites spots, if you even can. Chocolate is kinda created equal around here to some extent. All of these places are so good!

  1. The Chocolate Lab – this is the newest spot in town, and definitely worth a visit. They have a fine line of truffles and are the only ones in town that do a beer truffle. One of the things we noticed is that they have a Hot Chocolate Bar with many toppings where you can do it yourself, and have a good creative time. They also have a cafe area where you can spend some time with family, friends, or work on your computer.
  2. The Chocolate Fetish – this place is the chocolate landmark of Asheville North Carolina and has been here since 1986. Lots of pre-wrapped chocolate options here for you to grab & go! You can pass by their location in the Haywood Park Hotel and see them through the glass, in their chocolate factory working away.
  3. Chocolate Gems – this is a wonderful sweet spot in downtown Asheville where you can find the whole family making chocolate, working away in front of you, right behind the counter. They also have a gelato stand for your yummy enjoyment. We love the custom chocolates that they create around all of the holidays and special occasion days such as Valentines Day.
  4. French Broad Chocolate Lounge – this spot speaks for itself and has grown tremendously in recent times. Their investment years ago in online sales is now paying off in the long run, with orders coming in from all around the country. You will notice their spot downtown when you see a long line of tourists near Pack Square waiting to get in and give their chocolate a try. Lots of desserts here. The liquid truffle is our favorite.
  5. Kilwin’s Chocolates – this dessert oasis has a huge selection of treats from chocolate to candy, caramels, fudge, ice cream and more. The smell when you walk into this place is something amazingly delicious. And then you get to watch the crew make sweets right in front of you. They have several shops in the area including downtown Asheville, Black Mountain, and Hendersonville NC.

You can visit four out of five of these choices while in downtown Asheville, all within walking distance of each other. The only one off the beaten path is The Chocolate Lab in the north Asheville / Woodfin area, and it is well worth the 8 minute drive from downtown. Whether you live in Asheville, or come to Asheville to visit; it is highly recommended that you Get Your Chocolate On!