Fill My Cup Cafe Opening This Fall In South Asheville

Fill My Cup Cafe in south Asheville

Among the many titles that Asheville carries, coffee has to fit in there somewhere. While driving around town today, we noticed that Fill My Cup Cafe is about to open in the same shopping center as Abeja’s House Cafe. This means that there will now be two great places to eat here! After talking to Joe, the owner of Fill My Cup Cafe, they will have lots of coffee, food including house-made sandwiches, and also beer & wine. Cheers to another great addition to the Asheville foodie community!

Asheville Coffee House & Cafe – Meet Edna

First of all, we found out Edna is Asheville Royalty, insomuch that a coffee house on the northside of town was named after this little Pug. Edna actually doesn’t even drink coffee herself anymore.. (after a semi-traumatic experience) ..but her customers keep coming back for more and more.

If you take a 5 minute ride north of downtown Asheville on Merrimon Ave, you will come to a little, funky spot called Edna’s of Asheville. Some of you may remember when it used to be Mountain Java. Some go here for a cup of coffee, some breakfast, a muffin, bagel, pastry, beer, wine, lunch; or just the free Internet. This is a meeting hot spot in the North Asheville community. Many folks from Leicester and Weaverville use Edna’s as an easily accessible AVL meeting point.

The coffee? Well it is made at the Coffee Roasting Plant they own in Asheville NC! The name is “Bad Puppy Roasting” which you can purchase in the Cafe, and you will soon be able to order online. Edna (the Pug) runs the coffee making business in Asheville. Believe that!

A Visit to Aqua Cafe and Bar in Downtown Asheville

Today was a busy day. One of my goals lately is to get out of my normal mapped out swing of things and and try some new places and meet some new people. So tonight I passed by Aqua Cafe and Bar. They have a main level for dining and a lower level with a bar, seating, and dining. I went to the lower level, which used to be Fred’s Speak Easy. I was greeted by Iliana who took my drink order, and then took care of me while I was there. We talked about the restaurant, food, business, life and fun.

I had a Tanqueray Gin & Tonic with a lime. Made perfectly and so good!

Then I got hungry and checked out their great menu with so many options. I picked the Enchiladas Swizas as my main meal. It was delicious! This is great and authentic Mexican food in downtown Asheville.

For dessert I ordered the Flan and it was so good!! I should have ordered some to go. Overall, the music, atmosphere, food, and staff were all wonderful. I will be back to Aqua Cafe & Bar.