A Brewery Dream In Progress

nathan woods naked yeti brewing asheville

We spoke with Nathan Woods, who is the Head Brewer at Naked Yeti Brewingan Asheville brewery dream in the making. Here is what he said:

“We are hoping to become an established craft brewery in the next couple years. Our goal aside from making great beer is to join beer, friends, and adventure together. We are still working on a business plan and trying to nail down the perfect recipes. It may be a couple years before we are operational. We started brewing a little over a year ago and have taken off from there. Spending most of our time and money on research and development as well as expanding our equipment and moving forward. We began home brewing as a hobby, however, it would come to turn out that we are actually pretty good at it and got a little more than passionate about the whole idea. Over the years I realized I drank a lot of beer, and even more craft beer. I decided that I wanted a different beer, I wanted a beer that I couldn’t get anywhere else, so naturally I started brewing.

naked yeti brewing beer asheville

I do almost all of the research and brewing myself. I do have a couple of friends in marketing and graphics that have been helping me along the way. I also have a few friends that help out on brew day. I am always looking for people to help out with brewing and or cleaning. People love working for beer, which works out great for me! Our ideal customers are just like us. People that love good beer! We are also trying to find a beer for those that claim they don’t like beer. We are hoping to have an establishment with food, music, and a patio.

Personally love everything about brewing. From hops and grains through research and cleaning. All the smells and tastes are so enticing. We will become a full business, and have an establishment with all of our goals. Initially we will open the brewery and taproom, after that we will start development on the rest. When I was back in Pensacola, FL. I used a couple of home brew shops that were always willing to help out and give me the best advice possible. These shops were HopHeads and Gary’s Homebrew supply, both were great people who loved beer. Since moving up to NC. the best and most supportive shop I have found is Asheville Brewers Supply. They are great and offer a lot of information on brewing.

Right now all I can do is ask for support and help spread the word. Some of my favorite memories are having beer or four with some great friends and seeing where the night takes us. I want to be able to offer that to other people and be a part of that, and have my beer help them create memories and adventures.”

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Wicked Weed Brewing – a new Asheville Beer standard

Wicked Weed Brewing Asheville NC

Asheville recently welcomed Wicked Weed Brewing to the beer community. First of all, the location is perfect. They are located right next door to the Orange Peel and a couple hundred feet down from the new Aloft Hotel, which has a huge garage open to the public. Barley’s Pizza and Taproom, one of Asheville’s top beer bars, is located on the same street as well. To top that all off, LaZoom, the wild & crazy comedy tour departs daily from the French Broad Food Coop, which is right across the street from Wicked Weed Brewing.

Beer Taps at Wicked Weed Brewing Asheville NC

The setting and decor at Wicked Weed Brewing is very comfortable. There are a few breweries in downtown Asheville that hold a similar vibe… Oyster House and Lexington Ave Brewery. Wicked Weed is the new kid on the block, with high quality craft brews, and they have raised the Asheville Beer standard. I walked in, walked around, talked to a few people.. and the place is smooth. The staff was prompt and hospitable, the beer selection and taste was amazing, and everyone there was having a great time!

Beer and Brew at Wicked Weed Brewing

And yes, this is Asheville but no, they do not use “weed” or hemp in their beer; unless you are talking about Hopweed. Do you love craft brew? Wicked Weed Brewing is definitely the choice spot to start your beer tour of downtown Asheville. As a matter of fact, you may get stuck there. And you will be well taken care of.

Vote for Asheville – Beer City USA 2012

Click Here: Vote Now: BeerCity USA 2012 – Where’s your pick?

When you think about beer, people around Asheville are thinking about Craft Beer. With so many great breweries in town, the question is not “where can I find a good beer?” but more like “which brewery am I going to go to?” Asheville is Beer City USA!

All this was before Sierra Nevada and New Belgium ever dug their heels in this awesome town we call home. Now they too are a local NC brand with more beer power in the mix! Who’s next? Welcome! Beer City USA is a Title we have been pretty proud of for the past few years now. Critics of Asheville winning the title, living in Beer Cities several times larger, for some reason cannot calculate that per-capita, we have more breweries than them. We are like “do the math already!”

But it is not just about the beer that makes Asheville – Beer City USA. Atmosphere plays a big part in it. The beautiful mountains in one of the Greenest and Healthiest Cities in America is a huge contribution. Businesses also play a big part in this dynamic. Most restaurants, that are worth their salt, are featuring craft brew on many of their taps. Festivals help Asheville a lot too. Brewgrass, Beer City Fest and the Winter Warmer Festival have built a community of local and traveling brew lovers who gather at these great events. Craft Beer is King here!! I remember someone tweeting that Asheville was the only place where vendors sell only local craft beer, no Bud, out of the Budweiser carts.

Then we have the people in the area and the people behind the beer. Southern hospitality & common courtesy + craft beer = WIN! When you meet the brewers of Asheville, you meet a person who is putting their heart and life into their brewery, product, the Asheville WNC community; and they will stop in a moment to tell you all about it. New Belgium’s CEO Kim Jordan will fit in just fine.

The Beer City USA title for Asheville North Carolina is well deserved. It just didn’t happen by chance. Hundreds and thousands of people have been putting blood, sweat, hops and tears in this area for years for such a time as this. Now that time is come. Vote for Asheville NC as Beer City USA 2012.

Charlie Papazian of Examiner.com released the article “Nominate your city for BeerCity USA 2012 ballot – Poll open” the other day. Asheville will automatically be in the running, so a nomination is not needed! But May 1 – May 13, 2012 is when the official voting begins and we need people like you, our craft beer loving, brew guzzling community and other Worldwide fans to make this happen once again. I believe Charlie would then call it a four-pete.

We are already picking out our outfits for the 2012 Asheville Beer City USA celebration!

Credits: Article by G Social Media. Photos by Sociable Influence.