Asheville Beer Week at the Universal Joint – recap

When you live in Asheville North Carolina, every week is Beer Week. But the folks around town decided to create an official week of Brew events. AskAsheville is in the middle of rapid growth so we did not get to experience all of the great times, but we did get to stop by the Universal Joint in West Asheville where Foothills Brewing was being featured.

I arrived and got a seat at the bar right next to Adam Reich who is a beer, foodie and tech leader in the Asheville community. To my right was Bill Thompson, owner of The Satellite Gallery in downtown Asheville. We had a great time trying several brews, eating some food, and talking about living the life in AVL.

We also got to see and talk with Evan Crutchfield of Foothills Brewing, who was giving out T-shirts and other prizes. Foothills carries some of my favorite beers including “Sexual Chocolate” and “Seeing Double” – Great beer, great company, great time!!!

Vote for Asheville – Beer City USA 2012

Click Here: Vote Now: BeerCity USA 2012 – Where’s your pick?

When you think about beer, people around Asheville are thinking about Craft Beer. With so many great breweries in town, the question is not “where can I find a good beer?” but more like “which brewery am I going to go to?” Asheville is Beer City USA!

All this was before Sierra Nevada and New Belgium ever dug their heels in this awesome town we call home. Now they too are a local NC brand with more beer power in the mix! Who’s next? Welcome! Beer City USA is a Title we have been pretty proud of for the past few years now. Critics of Asheville winning the title, living in Beer Cities several times larger, for some reason cannot calculate that per-capita, we have more breweries than them. We are like “do the math already!”

But it is not just about the beer that makes Asheville – Beer City USA. Atmosphere plays a big part in it. The beautiful mountains in one of the Greenest and Healthiest Cities in America is a huge contribution. Businesses also play a big part in this dynamic. Most restaurants, that are worth their salt, are featuring craft brew on many of their taps. Festivals help Asheville a lot too. Brewgrass, Beer City Fest and the Winter Warmer Festival have built a community of local and traveling brew lovers who gather at these great events. Craft Beer is King here!! I remember someone tweeting that Asheville was the only place where vendors sell only local craft beer, no Bud, out of the Budweiser carts.

Then we have the people in the area and the people behind the beer. Southern hospitality & common courtesy + craft beer = WIN! When you meet the brewers of Asheville, you meet a person who is putting their heart and life into their brewery, product, the Asheville WNC community; and they will stop in a moment to tell you all about it. New Belgium’s CEO Kim Jordan will fit in just fine.

The Beer City USA title for Asheville North Carolina is well deserved. It just didn’t happen by chance. Hundreds and thousands of people have been putting blood, sweat, hops and tears in this area for years for such a time as this. Now that time is come. Vote for Asheville NC as Beer City USA 2012.

Charlie Papazian of released the article “Nominate your city for BeerCity USA 2012 ballot – Poll open” the other day. Asheville will automatically be in the running, so a nomination is not needed! But May 1 – May 13, 2012 is when the official voting begins and we need people like you, our craft beer loving, brew guzzling community and other Worldwide fans to make this happen once again. I believe Charlie would then call it a four-pete.

We are already picking out our outfits for the 2012 Asheville Beer City USA celebration!

Credits: Article by G Social Media. Photos by Sociable Influence.

New Belgium Brewing Company now in Asheville – Beer City USA

Beer and excitement is brewing as New Belgium Brewing, the 3rd largest craft beer brewery and 7th largest beer brewery in the USA, has chosen Asheville North Carolina as their East Coast location. NC Governor Bev Perdue came to Western North Carolina yesterday to make the official announcement and cheers were all over the place.

This will mean 150 new jobs for the area and $175 million dollars worth of investment over several years. The area that they have chosen is not necessarily the “ideal” place. New Belgium CEO Kim Jordan said that they want to be in a place where they can add value. She also said that NBB “could have chosen a “Green Field” site, but they wanted a quality of life, a walkability, bikability, live-work kind of situation that really speaks to how we like to show up in a community.” Kim also talked about the French Broad River and the potential it carries. Riverlink supporters were there holding a banner in big support!

Beer City USA strikes again. Congratulations Asheville NC!

See video of NC Governor Bev Perdue & Buncombe County Commissioner David Gantt welcoming New Belgium Brewing Company.

Asheville and Pinterest

So the new online craze called Pinterest is taking a good hold of Asheville NC. Lots of people are jumping on board and pinning up photos of the area, their adventures and more.  We started a few boards on which include a Beer, Foodie, Music, Places to Stay and People board.

The best part of it, for sharing info and sending people to your website, is that you can add a “Pin It” button to your browser. Then when you see a photo you like online, all you have to do is click the button and the Pinning/Sharing box pops right up. Then you post! One of the areas that people do not understand is that if you double click on this Pinterest post, you will be taken to the post where this photo originated from. Great marketing tool and awesome way to share Asheville NC. Happy Pinning!!!

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ASHEVILLE, NC – January 17, 2012 –2nd edition of Craft Brewery and Pub Guidebook to Western North Carolina.

Good Life Publications began distribution this week of the 2012 edition of The Guide to Craft Breweries and Pubs of Western North Carolina. The guidebook helps tourists find local breweries by providing a map and contact information for more than fifteen breweries in Western North Carolina.  Also included in the Guidebook are pubs and retailers carrying local brews, and tour operators catering to tourists interested in the local beer culture.

Asheville has been voted “Beer City USA” three years in a row. The beer guide fills a growing need in the local beer community answering common questions like “Where can I get local beers?” and “How do I get there?”  Forty thousand copies are distributed year round and available for free at area hotels, B&BS, the AVL airport, chambers of commerce, travel centers, retailers, restaurants and bars in Asheville, Hendersonville, Black Mountain, Waynesville and Sylva.

Tanya Fletcher, publisher of the guidebook, states “We are looking forward to distributing the new guide to help locals navigate the ever growing world of craft beer in this region.  Tourists contribute greatly to the success of the local beer industry and we help promote beer related businesses through our guidebook, website and social media outlets.”

About Good Life Publications

Good Life Publications is a series of free publications on the Good Things in Life in Western North Carolina. The series is growing to include a Summer Camp Guide and Outdoor Sports Guide in the spring.  For more information on distribution or advertising, please contact Tanya Fletcher at 828-277-8269 ext. 142 or at  More information can also be found on the website at