Beer, Food and Wicked Weed in Asheville NC

beer, food, wicked weed in asheville nc

In Asheville, many of us do business over craft beer and great food. And what better place to do that than at Wicked Weed Brewing?! While looking for a spot to grab a quick lunch and a few tasty brews, this place came to mind and was the perfect fit. Great meeting with Joe from Hometown Value Guide and Bob from Asheville Multimedia.

Asheville Beer and Biz at Appalachian Vinter

asheville beer appalachian vinter

Asheville Beer stores are very popular these days. You have Bruisin Ales which is in downtown Asheville, and then there is Appalachian Vinter in the Biltmore Village area, just a few minutes south. There are plenty of other stores that have great brew selections, but these are the two main Asheville Beer shops in the area. We spent some time at Appalachian Vinter the other day, working with a business partner, having a few brews and a good time in the lounge area.

Finding Asheville Beer on Twitter

Asheville Beer Tweet 1

Asheville Beer is something that is mentioned on Twitter every day. The majority of tweets are about how great the brews are and how much of a selection is available. With 20+ breweries in the area, it is definitely something to talk about. On Twitter today, a tweet came by and asked for Asheville Beer recommendations for a visit next weekend. @AshevilleLife responded on Twitter with three great new brew choices in the area.. Wicked Weed Brewing, Hi-Wire Brewing and Burial Beer. The person responded back with “thanks!” and all three of the Breweries responded back as well. You can see this great social media interaction about Asheville Beer in the images posted here. Also see the “Brew Me” page on AskAsheville!

Wicked Weed, Hi-Wire, Burial Beer Brewing Asheville NC

Hopslam or Hypeslam?

Hopslam label

It’s the time of year when Bell’s Brewery releases its annual Hopslam double IPA. In local retail stores the beer typically sells out in hours. It’s an eagerly anticipated release, but this year the beginnings of a backlash have surfaced. One local brewer voiced that “several local breweries make better DIPA’s than Hopslam.” Others claim the beer is simply overrated. Whatever your opinion, the beer won’t be around long. What do you think of Hopslam? Are there Asheville beers that top it? Let us know your thoughts.

On draft

Wicked Weed Brewing – a new Asheville Beer standard

Wicked Weed Brewing Asheville NC

Asheville recently welcomed Wicked Weed Brewing to the beer community. First of all, the location is perfect. They are located right next door to the Orange Peel and a couple hundred feet down from the new Aloft Hotel, which has a huge garage open to the public. Barley’s Pizza and Taproom, one of Asheville’s top beer bars, is located on the same street as well. To top that all off, LaZoom, the wild & crazy comedy tour departs daily from the French Broad Food Coop, which is right across the street from Wicked Weed Brewing.

Beer Taps at Wicked Weed Brewing Asheville NC

The setting and decor at Wicked Weed Brewing is very comfortable. There are a few breweries in downtown Asheville that hold a similar vibe… Oyster House and Lexington Ave Brewery. Wicked Weed is the new kid on the block, with high quality craft brews, and they have raised the Asheville Beer standard. I walked in, walked around, talked to a few people.. and the place is smooth. The staff was prompt and hospitable, the beer selection and taste was amazing, and everyone there was having a great time!

Beer and Brew at Wicked Weed Brewing

And yes, this is Asheville but no, they do not use “weed” or hemp in their beer; unless you are talking about Hopweed. Do you love craft brew? Wicked Weed Brewing is definitely the choice spot to start your beer tour of downtown Asheville. As a matter of fact, you may get stuck there. And you will be well taken care of.