Dough Asheville – Market, Bakery, Eat-In, Takeaway

When I first saw the sign for Dough go up on Merrimon Ave in North Asheville, I got excited. I do not know much about them, but the “Bread Talk” eatery shop, which I LOVE, came to mind immediately. Then I though of Strada, a local Asheville restaurant that makes their bread in-house and it is So Good! I thought about all of the wonderful things you can do with bread, with dough.

Seems like this place is going to be a whole lot more than bread though. I can’t wait for Dough to open up hopefully by Feb 1, 2013. They are located at 372 Merrimon Ave. This is going to be an amazing foodie addition to the North Asheville community!

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BrookesCooks Custom Order Bakery in Asheville NC

My bakery was born as the result of a lifelong passion for baking and BrookesCooks private clientele growing beyond legal limits. I had a wonderful Mother, Grandmothers and Great-Grandmothers that were all great cooks, homemakers and pie makers- unreal examples for my life! Also, I grew up in NY State and spent a TON of time in fancy restaurants and bakeries with my Dad. He knew everybody and often gained me access to kitchens and chef’s, where I fell in love with the gorgeous desserts and beautiful presentations. This was where my addiction and lifelong quest for the perfect cheesecake began. I dubbed myself the “queen” of cheesecake and have literally spent my entire life perfecting my version. I honestly don’t think you can find cheesecakes as good as mine and my variety of flavors are unique and endless.

I have always been really old-fashioned both in the way I cook and in my lifestyle in general. My main “motto” is “not too sweet.” A wonderful dessert does not have to be overdone with too much sugary extras. The majority of the recipes I’m using are old family recipes with my new-fangled touches. I use as much natural and local ingredient as possible -NO artificial ANYTHING!! I have my own chickens for the freshest, most wonderful eggs. My pies are award winning, gorgeous and fabulous! Check out my oak-leaf crust on my website. “Custom Order” comes from frugality- the desire to eliminate waste and my LOVE of working directly with my customers. On either the simplest cake or unique projects like my nature-inspired “Appalachian” four season wedding cakes and (my favorite!) my customers’ special requests for their own old family favorites.

During the holidays I did wonderful bourbon fruit cake, Kentucky Jam cake and an elderly customers’ mothers’ recipe for “Amalgamation” cake from the recipe he passed on to me in her own hand! What a thrill!! Everything is fresh, custom made-to-order especially for you!! I deliver from my farm on the north side of town to anywhere within the city limits for free and to Creatures Cafe near Pritchard Park twice a week.

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