A Visit to Aqua Cafe and Bar in Downtown Asheville

Today was a busy day. One of my goals lately is to get out of my normal mapped out swing of things and and try some new places and meet some new people. So tonight I passed by Aqua Cafe and Bar. They have a main level for dining and a lower level with a bar, seating, and dining. I went to the lower level, which used to be Fred’s Speak Easy. I was greeted by Iliana who took my drink order, and then took care of me while I was there. We talked about the restaurant, food, business, life and fun.

I had a Tanqueray Gin & Tonic with a lime. Made perfectly and so good!

Then I got hungry and checked out their great menu with so many options. I picked the Enchiladas Swizas as my main meal. It was delicious! This is great and authentic Mexican food in downtown Asheville.

For dessert I ordered the Flan and it was so good!! I should have ordered some to go. Overall, the music, atmosphere, food, and staff were all wonderful. I will be back to Aqua Cafe & Bar.