Suicide in Weaverville NC – Sad Death of an Ex-Sergeant

Recenty retired Police Sergeant Andy Cody was found dead the other day in his Mars Hill home. They labeled it as a suicide as of right now but the SBI is doing the full investigation.

Andy Cody was literally under tons of stress as he was just recently arrested for domestic violence with his girlfriend Angela Tweed. After the arrest, he resigned soon after. No charges were filed on her. So Andy fought most of his life to try to uphold the law, got in a scuffle, got into some trouble, and then committed suicide.

This is very sad because people in the “Department” hold each other to high strict standards and any deviation is sometimes over punished. Corruption is something that should not be acceptable… but this is just a “bad situation”. Last time I checked, Police Officers were not robots, and they have the same normal pressures and problems any one of us face every day in life… plus all of the stress that comes with the job. Sometimes the attitude you see on Police Officers is built up over a long time of dealing with liars, get-overs, criminal minds, drug addicts, and dangerous people. It is like going to war for 12 hours, changing out of uniform, and then trying to live normal for the few hours in-between shifts. Most of us would live in complete “shell shock”.

Another story I think about years ago is a graduate from Trinity Baptist Bible College named Charles Nations of Haywood County. His classmates said he was so excited to have his diploma and to be “officially preaching”. His vision was American Evangelism (or working with churches to revive their beliefs and lives). He was speaking at different local churches in Western North Carolina weekly. Charles then committed suicide because of getting “too close” to a woman outside of marriage. He was involved with several churches and friends in the area that would pretty much cut him off for life or “scar” him, and he could not handle the pressure. As far as he could see, he was cut off from everything he knew and loved… and he killed himself. Terrible situation.

Officers… Remember that people are just humans and humans have issues and problems. Also remember that, we the people, do not expect you to be Superman. Stop being so hard on yourselves. There needs to be more undertanding out there! Lives and life is weighing in the balance. We just lost one. Who will be next if we do not reach out to them?

One thought on “Suicide in Weaverville NC – Sad Death of an Ex-Sergeant

  1. It is so sad to hear this, of course we don’t know the exact situtation was but we do know how it ended. I am sure that finaces had something to do with the stress as well. One thing I do wonder is what type of couseling was offered to him after his resignation

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