Sugar Shack Donuts Are On The Way To Asheville!

Sugar Shack Donuts Asheville

Asheville is no doubt becoming Donut City USA. We already have a couple of great choices including Vortex Doughnuts downtown, on the South Slope. Then we have HOLE Doughnuts on Asheville’s Sweet Slope, right across from The Hop Ice Creamery on the west side. Now comes Sugar Shack Donuts, the 1st spot that does not spell out the whole word “dough” in their name. This already sounds interesting. Sorry Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kreme; Asheville wants craft doughnuts, just like we want our craft… beer, food, art, clothing, and anything else we can make better.

A little history about Sugar Shack Donuts, which was originally named DoDo Donuts: They opened up in Richmond Virginia on June 11, 2013 and sold over 500 donuts in their first hour. Their donut flavors were rotating every 5-10 minutes. They knew they were onto something when a lady was willing to wait almost an hour for a half dozen of their s’mores flavored doughnuts. Just a week after opening, Sugar Shack had to shut down for a couple of days to hire and train additional staff to meet the great demand.

Co-Owner Ian Kelley traveled coast-to-coast as a chef, eventually ending up in New York City, did not like the “Big Apple”, so headed back to his hometown saying that he could not escape Richmond Virginia. Then, while playing soccer, Kelley ended up with a sport injury. He decided to coach and told the girls on the team that he was going to open up a doughnut shop. Everyone laughed. Kelley was actually scouting real estate on the sneak to open up a fine dining establishment. Then he decided he wanted to have a little more fun. And into the donut world he went. Now Asheville is their next target!

Who is next? Maybe Voodoo Doughnut out of Portland, OR? Or Doughnut Plant which took over New York City? All I know is… Asheville just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter!

Sugar Shack Donuts will be located on Biltmore Ave, right outside of Biltmore Village, 2 minutes from the entrance to the Biltmore Estate, and right across the street from one of Asheville’s premier beer and wine stores, Appalachian Vintner. You can like the Sugar Shack Donuts in Asheville Facebook page, and also follow them on Twitter @BiltmoreDonuts.

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