Stolen Cars in Asheville North Carolina

Several people have been missing their late model trucks and vehicles from downtown Asheville lately. The victim on tv said he thought the thieves had a high tech remote device that connected to his remote. That is funny. There are so many ways to steal any vehicle in less than 30 seconds. First of all, have you ever thought that anywhere you leave your keys for more than 1 minute, can be copied. Car thieves keep a blank copy of keys for most late makes and models, carry a nice high end file kit, and can have your car “keyed” in moments. Even at dealerships. I have heard of the workers at car dealerships making copies of customers keys (sometimes even the house key if it is on the ring), and then selling the keys along with your address and everything to chop shops. So they make a key and get $500 for 30 seconds of “work”.

Of course you have the “hot-wiring” and “tilting” ways to get your vehicle stolen. That is why we had those steering wheel column locks that were real popular back several years ago. When someone “tilts” your car, they break your steering wheel column right where the columns tilt handle is, cut the steering wheel lock wire, and start her up! This was very popular since about 1980.

There is always the good old Tow-Trucks, that can disable your transmission and bye-bye… there goes your car. Oh… did I mention the Master Key issue. Some cars have only 7 different keys, so having all 7 means you have The Master key. Some thieves gather these keys by test driving vehicles. Some get them from the dealership. I have heard that thieves take their cars to Atlanta and sometimes Tennessee, and are able to sell them there. I just hope mine never ends up in that situation. Thank you.

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