“Stealing the Light” premieres in Asheville

Stealing the Light is a feature length documentary film that follows Afghan born Dr. Mohammad Khan Kharoti and the organization he started, Green Village Schools, as they struggle to build a school in his home village in southern Afghanistan where there had been an absence of education for 30 years. We see the school’s growth from only a handful of children to over 1,200 students, providing the children of the village their first real educational opportunities. Sadly, disaster strikes in 2008, as the school he dedicated years of his life to build, is destroyed down to the bricks that were its foundation by an unknown group. As Dr. Kharoti explores the huge undertaking to rebuild, we examine the role education can play in building peace in Afghanistan.

Stealing the Light will have it’s premiere screening in Asheville this Thursday, the 23rd at 7pm at the Fine Arts Theater followed by a question and answer session with the film’s Director and Executive Producer as well as with one of the daughters of Dr. Mohammad Kahn Kharoti. Tickets are on sale now at the Fine Arts Theater box office for $10.

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