Couple asks for help in South Asheville

Getting off this Asheville highway exit, I met this couple and the first thing they said was "this is not Florida", referring to how cold they were. I did not have any money on me but was able to give them a few bags of snacks that I had in the truck for the kids. Here they are… the woman leaning into him with the “peace” sign, and the man throwing up the “rock and roll” sign.

University of Phoenix in South Asheville coming soon

Stopped by Biltmore Park today off of the Skyland exit in South Asheville. We saw so much development that we could not completely comprehend it. Major, major work going on to provide every need a person living there may have. Here is a picture of the University of Phoenix, still under construction, but coming real soon. Currently they only offer classes online for the Asheville area, but not any more after they finish this beautiful structure surrounded by apartment complexes, condos, and plenty of food and entertainment options. Somebody here had a plan!

The University of Phoenix has many locations all over the United States including a campus in Charlotte and Raleigh. They are also in Alberta, British Columbia, and Puerto Rico… but this is WNC’s first!

Visit Biltmore Park by clicking Here