Katuah Market – The Grocery Story

katuah market asheville

We recently corresponded with John Swann, the CEO of Katuah Market, and found out some great information about this new Asheville Grocery Store in the community.

What is Katuah Market?

Katuah Market is a full-service natural food grocery store located in the Biltmore Village area of South Asheville, NC. Katuah Market combines an offering of best-of-market local, natural, and organic foods with the convenience and service of a traditional corner grocery store. Our full-service Deli features hot and cold food and soup bars, and a wide selection of grab & go foods, and our Café has a full coffee/beverage bar, large dessert selection, and a 120-seat indoor/outdoor seating area. Our Produce department features a wide selection of natural and organic fruits and vegetables, with a strong emphasis on locally grown produce. We offer a savory Meat department with full-service butchery service that emphasizes locally raised meat. Our Grocery department includes a wide offering of packaged foods, dry goods, frozen, dairy, and bulk foods, and feature locally-roasted and organic coffees. Fresh bread is supplied daily by several of Asheville’s excellent local bakeries. Our Beer and Wine department features dozens of local and regional micro-brews and imported beers, and has 500 choices of quality and affordable wines. Katuah Market is managed by an experienced and highly-skilled team that is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and the best customer service in Asheville. Katuah Market is community-based and is strongly committed to supporting local food and related products. Katuah Market is “Local By Nature”™.

katuah market biltmore village

How Did Katuah Market Get Started?

After two years of development by John and Heidi Swann, Katuah Market opened on Dec. 18, 2013. John has decades of experience at two other large-store natural food companies in Asheville, and felt that the market would welcome a slightly smaller, more comfortable store that featured a completely house-made food service program and an unmatched dedication to offering and promoting locally produced food and related products. Katuah Market currently buys from 295 Asheville area vendors – far more than any other store in Asheville!

Who Leads The Teams at Katuah Market?

John Swann – CEO, Richie Whitson – Store Manager, Valli Smith – Asst. Store Manager, Mandy Stricklin – Marketing Director, Dan Sobalsky – Food Service Director, Alex Rosen – Grocery Manager, Mara McVicker – Beer & Wine Manager, Bridget Kennedy – Produce Manager, Farra Lomasney – Supplements & Body Care Manager, Chris Reed – Meat Manager.

katuah market grocery

Who Is Katuah’s Ideal Customer? The ideal Katuah Market customer wants the highest quality food that is available in the Asheville area, and is concerned with not only the quality of the food they eat, but where it comes from as well. Our ideal customer places great value on supporting local food and craft producers, while also buying from a locally-owned and operated grocery store.

As The CEO, What Do You Like Most About Your Business?

  1. Offering to our customers the highest quality natural, local, and prepared foods in the Asheville area.
  2. Providing a warm and inviting store experience, with excellent customer service.
  3. Helping small independent food and craft producers to develop and market their products.

Just A Few Local Businesses In The Community Who Have Been Really Supportive of Katuah Market: Mountain Food Products (Produce Wholesaler), Cantina at Biltmore, Wayside Grille, and Doubletree Hotel.

katuah market produce

How Does Katuah Market Set Their Business Above The Rest?

  1. Quality of our products.
  2. Unmatched dedication to locally produced food and crafts.
  3. Superior customer service.
  4. The most comfortable and inviting store experience in Asheville.

John Swann has been active in local food business development in Western NC for the past 35 years. John is currently Vice President of the Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project (ASAP), an Asheville-based national model for local food economic and agricultural development, and has served on the Advisory Board and as a Mentor for Blue Ridge Food Ventures, a food business incubator that has been the launch pad for dozens of local start-up food companies. Both John and Katuah Market are Local By Nature™.

You can visit the Katuah Market Website, and also find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Asheville Barbecue BBQ Blitz

dickeys barbecue pit asheville

Asheville is home to just about craft everything. We have craft beer, craft cocktails, art crafts, craft cuisine, and even craft barbecue. And there are many places where bbq is offered. From the renowned 12 Bones, to Moe’s, Luella’s, OkieDokies, Webo’s, and plenty more. Lately, we have been stopping by Dickey’s Barbecue on Hendersonville Rd in south Asheville, in the Wal-Mart shopping center.

asheville bbq barbeque dickeys

The food offerings of Pork, Beef, Turkey, Sausage, Ribs and Chicken are amazing! We have tried just about every dish and everything is always great.

dickeys bbq south asheville

Gene is the man who usually takes your order and gets your plate started. He is the master when it comes to cuts and making the perfect sandwich. You can see him get excited when he weighs out a meal and sees that he did it just perfectly by eye.

free ice cream asheville

And, they have FREE ICE CREAM, which is a big draw for the kids, and even some adults. Of course Sweet Frog is next door, so if Frozen Yogurt is your forte, they have plenty of flavors screaming for you to eat them!

Heading To South Asheville For A Haircut

final cut hair salon asheville

There are so many choices when it comes to getting your haircut in Asheville North Carolina. I remember back in the days when I worked downtown, I would only let one person touch my hair; and that was Guadalupe. He did it right, perfect, and was full of creativity. But as time passed, I ended up on many ends of town and started building relationships with many hair stylists in the Asheville community. When I go to Hendersonville, I end up at Lux Salon. Sometimes I head to a barber in the area, but as the seasons are changing, I need more hair and I want it somewhat styled. So I found this place called The Final Cut Salon & Spa at 3759 Sweeten Creek Rd, Asheville NC 28803. This is a new spot in town, and we love to boost any small business we can find.

asheville hair salon shasta

Shasta was the hairstylist and what a great job she did! I was feeling “bushy” and when I get like that, my head feels heavy. Maybe it is psychological, but it is harder me to think clearly with a full head of hair. I love a clean cut, with a little to style on top. And that is exactly what I got here at The Final Cut Salon in south Asheville.

asheville hair products

After the great haircut, I noticed that they had these new hair products called No Inhibition. The wax that I choose for my hair has guarana & organic extracts. I bought some, used it the next morning, and perfecto! I got to check out the back room which is being constructed into a spa and lounge as I speak.

If you are looking for a great new salon, and a wonderful stylist; contact Shasta at The Final Cut 828-676-3555.

Searching For A Restaurant In South Asheville

south asheville restaurant

With so many restaurants and places to eat in the Asheville area; we usually head to a certain end of town to see what’s cookin’ there. We headed to south Asheville this time and we wanted to try something new. It is easy to get used to the norms, like the handful of wonderful eateries in Biltmore Village (Short South Asheville) such as Fig, Ruth’s Chris and the Cantina. Even Biltmore Park has a few great choices like Travinia, PF Changs and Roux. Of course there is Pomodoros South which is a tasty Italian Greek spot on Long Shoals Rd. Then there is Tupelo Honey Cafe, and that place is a sure win. But this time we wanted to experiment and test a new restaurant, that one where Wildflower used to be, and we are glad we did.

south asheville pasta dinner

We remembered a new place named McAbees Restaurant had recently opened on Hendersonville Rd in south Asheville at the Forest Center. We turned the car around and headed back toward it. It was open, live Jazz music was playing, and we were promptly greeted.

south asheville eating

We noticed that the menu featured the “Irish Dish of the Day” so that intrigued us. We asked and it happened to be Shepherd’s Pie. We did not order it, but Don the owner stopped by our table and described it, and how many ways they make it there; so we decided we were surely coming back for the Shepherd’s Pie soon. What we did order: the Vegetarian Scampi, and also the Cedar Planked Salmon. So good! We found out that they have live Jazz Music every Thursday and Friday, and also a private room for special events. They have a bar and lounge area with a piano in the corner. The restaurant itself is a little hidden, with the entrance on the back side of the building. But we found it! Our search was over, we were filled with great food, and we will be back again.

12 Stop Stroll Through Biltmore Park in South Asheville

Biltmore Park in South Asheville has proven to be a great spot for the whole family. Whether we are grabbing a bite to eat, having a business meeting, going to workout, or watching a movie; this spot has something for everyone.


REI has plenty of stylish outdoor gear. The perfect spot to shop up, and then go hiking on the Blue Ridge Parkway!

reuter family ymca asheville

The Reuter Family YMCA is the health, fitness and workout spot in south Asheville. They also hold several community events at this location.

op taylors asheville toy store

Taking the kids to O.P. Taylors is one of their highlights. These folks go above and beyond with the quality and selection of toys. My daughter bought a pair of designer swimming goggles that she does not want to take off. Just about every kid at the pool compliments her. I also got to teach her about the difference in a quality investment when comparing a $2 pair of goggles to a $20 pair; and how we need to take care of the things we have.

city mac asheville

City Mac is the Apple headquarters around this neck of the woods. I was walking around and was approached by an Asian guy and he was saying “apple, apple” and I said “excuse me?” He then pulled out his iPhone and I said “oh, City  Mac, right there on the right.” He smiled and headed that way.

coqui asheville biltmore park

Stopped by this beautiful store named The Coqui, which in definition is a frog from Puerto Rico. My daughter forced me to stop in here, and I was glad she did. Their selection of decor and items are worth seeing.

charming charlie asheville nc

Charming Charlie is a must stop for the ladies. From clothing, to jewelry, to trinkets; a huge selection at great prices await you.

brixx pizza hickory tavern

Brixx Pizza and Hickory Tavern are two places we enjoy going to. If you are a beer lover, these two spots have so many taps. Plus great food!

regal biltmore grande asheville

The Regal Biltmore Grande movie theater in south Asheville is a great place to watch flicks!

hilton asheville hotel

Of course the Hilton Asheville is one of the top hotels in the area, and they have delicious cuisine at their ground level restaurant called Roux.

bt's burgerjoint

I did not plan on liking BT’s Burgerjoint at first, but too bad, I love it now. Talk about one of the best burgers in Asheville NC, this place got the goods. Add the awesome manager always on deck, and the great staff; and this place is a sure hit!

woof gang bakery asheville biltmore park

Even though I do not have a dog, my daughter dragged me into Woof Gang Bakery. Wow, this place is like a dog heaven! The treats looked better than some bakeries I have been in. But dare not taste them, this spot is for the dogs, literally.

barnes and noble asheville

Barnes and Noble is a great bookstore in south Asheville, and they have Wifi, meeting space, a lounge atmosphere, and Starbucks. Win!