Lunch at Sweeten Creek Brewing in South Asheville

Sweeten Creek Brewing in Asheville NC

So I was working today, and stuck doing so. That was until a tweet came across the screen from Sweeten Creek Brewing in South Asheville talking about their lunch specials. One was a ham with double Swiss cheese, and the other was hot shaved beef sub. So I abandoned ship and headed that way. I had been here before, but this was the first time I was here when they were open. The two previous times I was invited here by someone who did not check the hours, so was glad to finally enter the doors.

Sweeten Creek Brewing Brown Ale

Upon arrival, I ordered a Brown Ale, because I was at a brewery. Now they had some non-beer non-alcoholic drinks, but I that’s for the kiddos.

Lunch at Sweeten Creek Brewery in Asheville NC

I got my sandwich and it was so delicious. The macaroni salad was pretty good too. This place could easily stand with any sandwich shop in the Asheville area.

Sweeten Creek Brewing Asheville NC USA

Great spot with a nice beer bar, indoor space, and lots of outdoor space. It is a little hard to find, but once you get here, you will definitely enjoy!

Lake Julian Festival of Lights in South Asheville

Lake Julian Festival of Lights

While driving out tonight, we decided that we wanted to find some holiday cheer in the Asheville area. I remember passing by the entrance to Lake Julian while on Long Shoals the other day and it say that the Festival of Lights, which is a drive-thru holiday light show, was starting on December 4th. I looked at my phone and sure enough, today was December 6th. We headed that way.

When we arrived, there was a shed with three folks in front of it to collect the $5 admission price to enter. And, they give my little girl a candy cane as well. We tuned the radio to a certain channel as they instruction so holiday music was playing the whole time we were there. We drove through once, we drove through twice, and then we drove through for the third time; each round noticing something new and cheery.

If you are looking for a holiday experience in the Asheville area, we definitely recommend you take a ride through the Lake Julian Festival of Lights. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

The Parkway Bistro

Parkway Bistro Asheville

When we recently put out a request for some places to eat in south Asheville, several people were talking so good about The Parkway Bistro, that we had to go try it for ourselves. So while we were out at meetings on that end of town, we stopped by there and grabbed a chicken salad sandwich with some macaroni salad. It was absolutely delicious! The waitress talked me into keeping the Hot Pepper Relish on it and yum. Plus the mac salad was the best I have had in a a long time. For some of you that do not know, Frank’s Deli was like the #1 sandwich shop in Asheville and they were located where Beehive Coffee Bar now is on Sweeten Creek. Then they expanded to Hendersonville Rd, that spot with the bad parking, where the new and popular Bean Vegan Cuisine now is. Frank’s Deli shut down operations soon after, went silent and underground, then took over this new spot right behind Starbucks on Hendersonville Rd where Woody’s Pizza used to be. And it is a kind of difficult spot to see, but they are up on the hill across from Carolina Day School, in the same shopping center as the Fresh Market, Liberty Bicycles, and Diamond Brand. And yes, it is worth the stop!

New Eatery in South Asheville – Abeja’s House Cafe

Abeja's House Cafe Asheville

The Asheville Foodie Movement is not only taking over downtown Asheville, but everywhere you look… North, South, East, West and even the outskirts of Buncombe County; delicious eateries are popping up left and right. While passing by one of our favorite wine shops, Table Wine of south Asheville, we noticed that Abeja’s House Cafe is getting ready to open up on Hendersonville Rd, right past the Blue Ridge Parkway entrance, and right before the Market Center gas station. Their tagline is “Healthy Eating – Latin Roots” so I must go! If you remember where Jersey Mike’s used to be, they are no more, and Abeja’s is about to open in the same space, right next door to SoliClassica, a music store currently being renovated by EnergyTech Builders.