Some Honeymoon Questions for Asheville NC

Our friend Amanda is coming to Asheville North Carolina for her honeymoon. She had a few questions and would like for all of us to give her some opinions and suggestions. Please comment below with the answers. Thank you.

1.       What is the best “tourist” site to see?

2.       What is the one hidden gem we must see?

3.       Who has the best ice cream in town?

4.       Who has the best cupcakes in town?

5.       Where is the most romantic place in Asheville?

6.       Are there any “must sees” for Marines/Veterans?



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2 thoughts on “Some Honeymoon Questions for Asheville NC

  1. I would make sure you walk downtown on a Friday night, right near Pritchard Park and the Drum Circle. Plenty of entertainment around. Ice Cream… The Hop on Merrimon Avenue on the northside is awesome. Cupcakes… Mother and Son Bistro in Woodfin or Short Street Cakes in West Asheville. Maybe the memorial in the new Pack Square Park is a good answer for #6.

  2. I think the Grove Park is a must see. The view is incredible as well as the archetecture. Lots of famous people have stayed there including presidents and historic icons. It is a great place to get a drink and admire the view on the terrace.

    A drive on the parkway up to Mt. Pisgah is always nice.

    Friday nights downtown there is a drum circle in Pritchard Park, the crowd alone is very entertaining, you will see all kinds.

    Tupelo Honey or Mayfields are a great place for dinner, (Mayfields has a secret back patio that is very romantic)they are both located across from Pritchard Park.

    Biltmore Estates is our biggest tourist attraction. I personally think it is over rated. I would prefer Grove Park anytime.

    Hope you enjoy our city, we do!

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