Some Asheville Reviews from Twitter Tweeps #avlreview

We have recently established a #hashtag called #avlreview to track some of the reviews people are giving Asheville North Carolina on Twitter. If you are in Asheville and have a review to share on Twitter, please use the #avlreview hashtag so we can all track it. This is one of the great things about social media and crowd sourcing. We can all team up together and share our own unique experiences, whether good or bad, with the world. Here is a recent list of local reviews:

1. RT @mattapotter: Just ate dinner at a place called Cats and Dawgs in downtown Asheville. It was absolutely delicious! I had.. #avlreview

2. RT @InsidePerimeter: @mamaerika : rock and roll? May I ask who you will be seeing? (btw- I think Asheville is awesome) #avlreview

3. RT @ofriday: RT @KarlieJ: The ladies who work at the Asheville J.Crew Clearance Center are always soooo stylish. #jobenvy #avlreview

4. RT @joshbillions: Asheville is beautiful. #avlreview

5. RT @t_b_player: A note: if you’re ever in Asheville, drop by Dripolator coffee and drink some of their Peru. a-maze-ing.#avlreview

6. RT @KT4par: Had a great nights stay at the biltmore village inn b&b in asheville NC. Wonderful place.#avlreview

7. RT @alexporter82: I love Asheville. Great town. #avlreview

8. RT @JackieAtlas: @ruby you’ve got to go to the @twistedcrepe restaurant in Asheville. Very reasonable and food tastes awesome. #avlreview

9. RT @davecavecnn: Kudos to Asheville restaurants: @TupeloHoneyCafe (cheese grit cakes) and Early Girl Eatery (French toast). #avlreview

10. RT @lgailey: @larsolsson Yup, Asheville area is coool…#avlreview

11. RT @breakfreeinme: Downtown Asheville on a Friday night… One word… Awesome!! #avlreview

12. RT @narcissebreed#Random I swear I miss Asheville,best days of my life but didn’t kno it den#avlreview

13. RT @dreamofcolors: I haven’t smelled this much weed in public since british columbia. I love asheville. #avlreview

14. RT @BlogAsheville: Now that I’ve worked in downtown Asheville, I can’t imagine any other way.#avlreview

15. RT @wordshepherd: @ruby The hippies are imported now, but in my day they were home grown. #Asheville #avlreview

16. RT @tprobert4890: If I go to another hippy drum circle, it will be one too many. True life asheville, nc. #avlreview

17. RT @dreamofcolors @frickindannie no concert, just asheville hippies (100s of them!) Playing drums, dancing in the street. Awesome #avlreview

18. RT @DanielLeiser: @eside84 Asheville is like Breck bro. Don’t wear nice stuff bc people WILL stare. #avlreview

19. RT @GSocialMedia: Great meeting with a friend of mine, Andrea @D3sky at the @TwistedCrepe in downtown Asheville. Delish food too! #avlreview

20. RT @Leeharmon: 12Bones. Asheville’s greatest BQ.#avlreview

21. RT @colesearr: Asheville Parks and Rec does NOT slack. I will assume Leslie Knope is in charge here. #avlreview

22. RT @maybellinete: @SweetSoaps Asheville NC is gorgeous! going there and surrounding areas next week.#avlreview

23. RT @dmirfin: Apparently, my favorite BBQ place in#Asheville, @LuellasBBQ, is on Twitter. I never even thought to look. #avlreview

24. RT @pseudojoe: So Early Girl Eatery in Asheville, NC is three for three. Soup, entree & dessert for the win! Can I stay please?  #avlreview

25. RT @pseudojoe: 3G in Asheville. Sweet. #avlreview

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