Social Media for your Asheville business

G Social Media has been working with clients in and around Asheville for a few years. Gary Charles helps businesses establish their online interaction and social media presence. It started years ago when a group of Internet enthusiasts were experimenting with SEO, email marketing, and website development. The end result: Connections were made, prospects were gained, and deals were sealed. This was awhile back.. before most companies even had a website. From then on, G Social Media worked as a ghost marketer for a few Asheville businesses that wanted to take the leap of faith online.

Today Gary Charles of G Social Media works with many businesses in Asheville North Carolina, several in other US States, and some on an International level. Making connections online and meeting people where they are in today's world is what "G" loves to do. Using social media platforms that Google supplies, working Facebook, and staying on Twitter are just a few of the things he teaches his clients. There are plenty of social media outlets and businesses need to know which ones are going to increase their reach. After that, implementation and maintenance is put into place according to their schedule.

Social Media for your business is not just something that you quickly add into your mix of online hobbies. Just because signing up for Twitter is "free," it does not mean you will ever be successful without direction. You can look at several businesses in the Asheville area and see that "doing it yourself" is simply not the way to go. One of the barriers that G Social Media sees is that traditional marketers falsely assure their existing clients into believing that they "have the social media covered." The other hinderance is that the traditional media sometimes keeps their clients/advertisers blind to the sm potential because they see social media as competitive & fear losing their ad dollars. Sometimes it is simply because they are not even sm aware themselves. The solution is this: Businesses actually need to embrace social media and then use their platforms to help their advertisers and/or clients. Don't ignore it or hide it from your network. Gary empowers and trains individuals, business owners and marketing departments to be a successful team using social media.

Just like most other things, social media can be easy and profitable once the proper training is in place. G Social Media's mission is to help businesses gain Fans, Friends, and Followers. The individual companies then work their magic and convert these contacts into sales.

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