The Social Burger in East Asheville

the social east asheville nc

With the hours we work, and play; we got off to a late start this morning. Since we are always looking for great new places in the area, we started hearing plenty of buzz about The Social in East Asheville. Then we noticed that they are also members of the Asheville Independent Restaurant Association. So we went in and were gladly welcomed. The place happens to be really social, way beyond just the name. We noticed a great cozy stage area where bands and DJs can set up. There were two pool tables, two dart boards, a jukebox, daily specials listed, and event posters. It immediately got me thinking.. I need to come back here. We ordered the spinach artichoke dip, a Cuban sandwich, and a burger the was a mile high with toppings and fresh produce. I heard.. “how am I going to eat this?” And I responded.. “A little at a time.”

On Sunday evenings starting at 8 pm, they have Vinyl night which features albums from the 80’s and 90’s. A staff member told us we could even bring our own. They also have Karaoke on Wednesday and Saturday nights. And, while we were there, we bumped into Nathan from the Fried Green Fryer Team. He is in the business of making sure restaurants are not “Frying Dirty.” Seeing him there brought more credibility to the establishment, knowing they are stepping above and beyond to serve great food to us in the healthiest way possible. We did not drink any beer during lunch, but we did see the great local beer taps, and we will be back!

Also see this collage photo on Facebook.. The Social in East Asheville

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