Small Businesses Can Have Solid Business Practices

Joe’s Land Care

I’m passionate about small businesses and fanatical about good business practices. Unfortunately the two not always merge, that’s why I’m always elated when I find small business owners running their businesses with vision. This is the case of Joe Mohar and his eco-conscious land care business, Joe’s Land Care.

Joe started his business in January of 2007 following his passion to work with nature and make a difference in the environment. He knew about plants and had learned a lot from landscaping experts. He was committed to work for himself and to create a green business in the town he loves: Asheville.

I love our bio region: the mountains, the bio diversity and the fact that I am surrounded by inspiring natural beauty.” Joe says talking about Asheville. “The open minded creative environment of this town makes it my home” Joe adds.

Joe was a smart businessman from the start. He learned how to manage and operate a small business PRIOR to opening his business, Joe’s Land Care, something many people fail to do. He enrolled in the FastTrac training program offered by Mountain Biz Works; and most importantly, he put into action what he learned.

So, what good business practices does Joe follow?

  • He consistently advertises in Asheville publications
  • He has a uniform message and brand
  • He has a professional looking website
  • He uses QuickBooks for estimates, invoicing and planning
  • He has impeccable customer follow up and service

And, his work is true to his mission of “caring for the earth one yard at a time.” You can see the care and love he imbues in all of his projects large or small, by visiting his website

You can email Joe at or call him at 828-242-2533.

Lizette Pirtle is a franchise consultant passionate about small business success and helping businesses grow and expand. She runs International Expansion Experts with her husband Bob here in Asheville. Visit her blogs at and

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